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bbq theme invitation. Birthday barbecue invitations. Birthday BBQ invitations 
colorful balloons
colorful balloons
colorful sunglasses
colorful sunglasses
personalized bbq water bottle labels 
personalized BBQ water bottle labels
flashing light up glasses 
flashing light up glasses
tri color light cubes 
tri color light cubes
personalized bbq candy bar wrapper
beach ball
beach ball

Birthday Cookout

If you are one of the lucky people to have a summer birthday, or you are blessed to live in a warm temperature climate (we are in Cleveland, so not so much here) than a laid back cookout is a wonderful way to celebrate a special someone's birthday. We know you want to make it extra special for the guest of honor, so here are some easy and unique ways to throw a birthday BBQ cookout.

Backyard BBQ Invitations
An invitation sets the tone for the party before it ever starts, so let your invitation reflect it. Creations for You offers a wide variety of personalized cookout theme invitations that express what a fun, relaxing and special time everyone will have at the cookout. 

Since this is more than just your average cookout, why not send out a truly unique invitation! We can design a caricature invitation of the guest of honor. Not only is this genuinely special, the art for this invitation can be used for a sign in board, welcome cutout, photo opportunity or even thank you notes. Maybe you have the guest of honor working the grill and inviting everyone to the party!

If you’re the creative type, then make your own invitation. Wouldn't it be fun to send everyone a "barbecue apron invitation"? Write all the party information with permanent makers on an apron and your guests will be anticipating your barbeque from day one!

BBQ Decorations and Party Supplies
Sometimes decorating an outside space for a party can be challenging. We have a few tried and true ways to spruce up your backyard so it really feels like a party!

Start with a personalized banner that celebrates the guest of honor. You can hang it at the front of the house to welcome everyone, use it to dress up a boring fence, or place it over the buffet.

Next fill the party area with balloons. You can use the bouquets to define the perimeter of the party space. Place a few by the buffet and the entrance too!

Adding festive lighting is always fun. Do you have a box full of white twinkle lights you put up during the holidays? Pull them out and use them to light your yard! There are also some great summer themed light sets available. You can also decorate you guests with fun glowing jewelry.

BBQ Table Decorations and Menu


Set your table using fun gingham paper products, or if this is a milestone birthday think about using milestone birthday paper goods. And having paper plates is a much better idea than washing those dishes in hot water in the middle of summer!

You can make your centerpiece useful as well as fun! Fill a plastic pail with sand and stick several pairs of sunglasses in the sand. Your guests can grab a pair as a favor!

Light up you party even more by serving drinks in glowing barware! You can hand out light up glasses or serve drinks in clear glasses with glowing ice cubes. Either way, the glowing glasses will be the hit of the party!

The menu for this one is easy, BBQ! Since it is a special occasion why not serve a few extra nice dishes alongside the standard hamburgers and hotdogs? Grilled shrimp, salmon, chicken skewers or even grilled pizza is a nice deviation from the norm! Serve beer with a personalized bottle label so your guests can wash down all the great food!

Don't forget the birthday cake! Ice cream is also a nice treat in the warm weather.

Barbecue Party games and Activities
Many people will just want to relax and talk at your birthday BBQ. You can have some lawn games set up for the adult to amuse themselves with. Try horseshoes, bocce, or cornhole, they are all great socializing games.

If you are going to have a lot of youngsters at the party you may want to structure some activities for them as well. Relay races are always fun and easy to organize. Here are a couple of ideas to help get you started.

  • Pass the eggs
  • Carry cotton on a spoon
  • One-legged race

Barbecue Party Favors
Send everyone home with a fun party favor that fits the laidback atmosphere of the party

  • A personalized candy bar wrapper is a sweet way to thank your guests from coming.
  • We love these personalized mint and candy tins! Choose one with a grilling theme featuring a picture of the birthday boy or girl!
  • Some of the most popular favor ideas for a barbecue party are items that glow. Barbecues begin in the daylight but usually last well into the evening. Everyone loves to walk around the party with a variety of body parts glowing so hand out glow jewelry.
  • Plastic pinwheels, beach balls, plastic foam plane gliders, kites, bubbles, jump ropes, outdoor chalk and water toys are great favors for kids.
  • Personalized soda bottles, BBQ sauce, BBQ tools or outdoor mugs are all useful and appreciated by adults.

Everyone from hopes that you have a great time grilling at the birthday barbecue. Don't forget that the Party Girl and the Party-ettes like their ribs with extra spicy sauce!