Woodstock Hippie Birthday Party

Unique Woodstock birthday party supply and decorating ideas. Personalize your Woodstock Hippie birthday party. Invitations, cutouts and more.

32" Groovy Beads

Flower Power!

Price $3.99

A Yesterday Party Kit

Peace Now!

Price $49.76

Decades and Music Custom Caricature

These custom caricature drawings are sure to be a huge hit at your musical decades theme event!

Groovy, Hippie Semi Custom Caricature

Picture yourself on this fantastic 60s invitation

Price $2.15

Hippie 60s Candy Bar Wrapper

When you made party not war.

Price $1.35

Hippie 60s Theme Banner

Add a photo to this groovy banner

Price $24.99

Hippie Male Cutout, Retro

The tie-dyed look works for everyone.

Price $87.95

Hippie Guy Cutout

A perfect 60s guy!

Price $87.95

Hippie Afro Guy Cutout

A perfect 60s guy, afro and all!

Price $87.95

Hippie Male Photo Op

Take a photo as a hippie!

Price $87.95

Hippie Guy Photo Op

Everyone is a hippie at heart

Price $87.95

Hippie Photo Op

Everyone will love these groovy photo ops!

Price $87.95

Hippie Retro Cutout, Female

Peace. Love. Happiness. Seems like a good way to approach a party.

Price $87.95

Hippie Retro Female Teen Cutout

Turn your teen into a hippie

Price $87.95

Hippie Retro Invitation

Make party, not war.

Price $1.85

Hippie Retro Theme Banner

Groovy party? Groovy Banner!

Price $24.99

Hippie Retro Theme Candy Bar Wrapper

They'll remember they made party not war.

Price $1.35

Hippie Retro Theme Custom Lollipop

Great lollipop party favor!

Price $2.50

Hippie Retro Theme Party Favor Bag

A party favor bag for a retro 60s party

Price $1.20

Hippie Retro Theme Seating Card

Groovy seating cards!

Price $1.00

Hippie Retro Theme Sign In Board

Groovy party? Groovy sign in board!

Price $64.95

Hippie Retro Water Bottle Label

Groovy Party? Groovy water Labels!

Price $1.20

Hippie Retro Welcome Sign

Welcome all cool chicks and rad dudes with this hippie sign!

Price $64.95

Hippie Retro, VW Bus Photo Op

Groovy Photo Op

Price $87.95

Hippie Tie Dye Invitation

Groovy party? Groovy Invitation!

Price $1.85

Hippie Tie Dye Photo Candy Bar Wrapper

Picture yourself in the middle of this groove.

Price $1.35

Hippie Tie Dye Photo Water Bottle Label

Add a photo to this hippie water bottle label

Price $1.20

Hippie Tie Dye Seating Card

Groovy party? Groovy seating cards!

Price $1.00

Hippie Tie Dye Sign In Board

A hip sign in board for a hippie theme party.

Price $64.95

Hippie Tie Dye Theme Banner

If you have a groovy party we've got the tie dye banner for you!

Price $24.99

Hippie Tie Dye Theme Candy Bar Wrapper

Pass out a groovy tie dye theme candy bar

Price $1.35

Hippie Tie Dye Theme Photo Banner

Groovy 60s banner for your far out party!

Price $24.99

Hippie Tie Dye Welcome Sign

Welcome to our tie dye 60s event!

Price $64.95

Neon Lennon Glasses


Price $14.45

Peace Sign Beads

Set the Scene to Party!

Price $2.25

Peace Sign Sunglasses

Set the Scene to Party!

Price $18.64

Psychedelic Derby

Hippie Colors!

Price $10.69

Smile Derby

Keep on Smiling!

Price $9.92

Wood Stock Dlx Kit (8)

Perfect package for your Hippie party!

Price $45.13


Is your favorite decade the 60's? Do you remember Woodstock? Are you an old or new hippie? If your celebrating a Sweet 16, a milestone birthday or anniversary or if your theme is peace or the 60's decade, choose our Woodstock Tie Dye paper goods to decorate your table. Our Woodstock Tie Dye 9 ounce cups are accented with peace signs and sold 8 to a pack. Please order in increments of 1 pack.

Price $2.75