Rockin' Bar or Bat Mitzvah

Rock Star Invitations
Great parties start with great invitations! After you've sent your formal Bar or Bat Mitzvah invitation, send a fun invitation for your party. Or include it in the envelope with your formal invitation. Choose a colorful and completely personalized rock n roll party invitation.

A caricature or semi-custom caricature invitation is also a great option for such a special party. They are completely personalized for your child and are great for centerpieces, sign in boards, seating cards and other decorations at your party. Have your child drawn standing in front of the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame or standing on stage performing at a rock concert.

A backstage pass is also a great invitation for your rock concert. They are available in an assortment of colors and can be laminated with a black lanyard, so your guests can wear them to the big event.

Rock n Roll Theme Decorations and Party Supplies
Start with a welcome sign that reads, "Rock Mitzvah Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies for [your child’s name]--Welcome!" Next to this area, have a lifesize cutout of your child dressed as a rock star, with a speech bubble thanking all of their fans for attending.

For a rock party, lighting is key - rent spot lights to wash the walls in color or hire a lighting company to come in a put up moving light fixtures and even a spotlight outside.

Your cocktail area can be "Backstage" - add a sign over the entry to this area that says, "Backstage - Adults Only!" and have a bouncer at the door. (You can use a bouncer cutout or hire someone to act as a bouncer at the party.) Offer adults drinks in light up glasses and have plenty of water with personalized rock 'n roll labels available for everyone. Your guests will get thirsty rockin!

seating cards and sign in
  • Use chocolate CDs with your child’s face and the album name, "The First 13 Years". Attach these to music theme seating cards.
  • Another idea is to attach a guitar necklace to a seating card.
  • Have a small sign at this table that reads, "Get your seat here for [your child’s name]'s induction ceremony!"
  • Use a Rock 'n Roll magazine cover theme sign in board or create a sign in board made to look like a CD album cover with a caricature of child and, "The First 13 Years"!
Don't forget balloons for the seating card and sign in area!

Draw people's attention to the DJ and dancefloor with a large personalized banner hung over the DJ that reads, "[You child’s name]'s Rock Mitzvah!" Add more lighting effects in the party room as well - more spotlights on the wall or even color washes that cover the walls and ceilings. Lighting companies can even create special lights that will project your child's name on the walls and floors. Hang plastic records over the dancefloor or go to a thrift store and buy real records.

For a bit more entertainment, talk to your DJ or a local event rental company and rent a recording booth for the party. Everyone can make their own CDs or DVDs at the party.

If you are having a candle lighting ceremony, do it with a twist - have a rock 'n roll induction ceremony! When you call up your guests give them a "document" that says: You have been inducted into the Rock Mitzvah Hall of Fame along with [your child’s name]!

Rock 'n Roll Table Decorations
Choose fabulous linens for your Rock 'n Roll party. Local rental companies will have a wide variety to choose from including black with silver stars, black satin and cool spandex table covers. Choose something special that matches the colors of your event.

For centerpieces, take 3 "jewel" boxes from CD’s with three different album covers of your child with different titles and make a triangle. Have balloon bouquets coming out of the center of the bases. Here are some ideas for album titles:


  • "[Your child's name] Alternative"
  • "[Your child's name] Rock and Roll Rhythm"
  • "[Your child's name] First 13 Years: A Collection"

A music note hat makes a fun centerpiece base as well. Poke a small hole in the top for balloons and hide the weight inside the hat.

Instead of candles on the tables, choose personalized mini tabletop lanterns with a photo of your child playing the guitar on all four sides. They all come with LED candles and look great surrounding a centerpiece.

Rock 'n Roll Party Favors
Start with inflatable microphones, guitars and music note fedoras for the DJ to pass out during the evening. Here are some other fun Rock 'n Roll theme party prizes and favors:


Of course, Party411 can help with t-shirts, boxer shorts or any other favor you can think of for your rock 'n roll party! Send us an e-mail for more information on personalized party favors.

Rock on! And, Mazel Tov, from the Party Girl and the Party-ettes!