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personalized broadway magazine cover invitation
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Silver star balloon
silver star mylar balloon
Gold latex balloons
gold latex balloons
black top hat
black top hat
Plastic microphones 
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Black sunglassessunglasses


personalized broadway theme candy bar wrapper
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On Broadway

Ever dreamed of being on Broadway? Now's your chance to take center stage! A Broadway theme Bar or Bat Mitzvah is perfect for any child who loves to sing, dance, act or be the center of attention! So, grab your tickets and head to New York with us for a Broadway Mitzvah party!

Broadway Invitations
You'll be sending out a formal Bar or Bat Mitzvah invitation, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun with your party invitation. Try a fabulous Broadway theme magazine cover invitation which will let your guests know they’re in for a star studded evening. You can include it in the same envelope as your formal invitation or mail it separately. If you're mailing it separately, make sure to mail it shortly after your formal invitation is mailed

For such a special occasion, a one of a kind caricature invitation is perfect. Have your child drawn onstage in one of her favorite Broadway shows or standing on Broadway surrounded by theaters featuring signs from all of her favorite shows.

Another fun idea is a personalized photo ticket invitation, inviting your guests to the show!

Broadway Theme Decorations and Party Supplies
Rent spot lights to wash the walls in color or hire a lighting company to come in and put up moving light fixtures and even a spotlight or two outside the main entrance to the party. The lights will be flashing and the action beginning before your guests ever walk through the door!

Throughout your cocktail area, set up easels with framed posters from all of your favorite Broadway shows. (Or save money and have the posters mounted on a heavy foamcore board.) You may even want to add your child's face to all of the posters.

Get your guests' autographs on a Broadway theme sign in board. The books are personalized with your child's "favorites" and make a great memento. You can even use them for photos after the party.

A personalized Broadway show ticket seating card is an easy choice for your Broadway Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Black plastic microphones also make a fun seating card - just write your guests' name and table information right on the maracas or awards with a Sharpie pen. It's great fun for a Broadway party to name each table after a different show. Be sure to include the show your guests will be "seeing" at their table on their seating card.

You'll want balloons at your seating area, your sign in area and throughout the cocktail area. Choose silver star and gold star Mylar balloons and mix them up for fun bouquets. A professional balloon company can also balloons to decorate your party. Best of all, they'll do all the set up!

Be sure to have plenty of party items like hats, glasses, and feather boas so everyone can dress up for pictures! Or, how about the chance to be someone completely different in the picture? With photo ops your guests can be a Broadway starlet, a wizard, basketball player, disco dancer, or even the driver of a groovy VW bus!

Broadway Table Decorations
Make sure your tables glitter just like your guests! Cover the tables with black linens and glittery overlays. Choose napkins to match your event colors - we used red, black and silver. A Broadway theme centerpiece with your child's photo and balloon coming out is a great centerpiece for your tables. Or choose black top hats with a small hole in the top and balloons coming out for a fun and inexpensive centerpieces. Silver beads make great napkin rings and favors for your guests. (And we guarantee you that they will all end up wearing their beaded necklaces during the rest of the party!)

Your Broadway theme centerpieces can also be designed to match the show each table is being named for at the party. Add balloons and some small props and you're all set. Stuffed animals work for many shows - Shrek, Cats, The Lion King, a Chihuahua (for Legally Blond) etc. Here are some other simple ideas for Broadway show centerpieces:


  • Wicked - Witches hats and red slippers
  • The Phantom of the Opera - A half mask and red rose
  • West Side Story - two flags, one from the United States and one from Puerto Rico
  • Seussical - a Seuss theme hat
  • Litte Shop of Horrors - a big plant

Best of all, these props can all be donated after the party to a local school or theater program. How about going a step further and adding a favor at each seat that matches the theme of the table? Give out witches hats for the Wicked Table, lion ears for the Lion King and so on. Everyone will know what table your guests are sitting at by their costume for the evening.

Instead of candles on the tables, choose personalized mini tabletop lanterns with a photo of your child on all four sides. They all come with LED candles, so they are safe to use on the kids tables too, and look great surrounding a centerpiece.

Broadway Bar and Bat Mitzvah Party Favors
Make sure your DJ or band has plenty of giveaways for the dance floor like sunglasses and glow sticks. Here are some other ideas for Broadway theme favors for your party:


Your guests will leave your party feeling like they area a Broadway star! Have fun and Mazel Tov, from the Party Girl and the Party-ettes!