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Harry Potter wizard photo op

Harry Potter photo op

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black top hat
Magician gloves 
magician gloves
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Magic Bar and Bat Mitzvah

A Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a magical time so be sure to carry this great theme all the way through your celebration. It’s easy and fun; you won’t feel like you have to use a magic wand to make happen.

Magic Invitations
Nothing says a “this will be a fabulous party", like a wonderful invitation. Even if you choose a formal Bar or Bat Mitzvah invitation for the service, you can certainly use a splashy one for the party.

A custom caricature invitation of your child, dressed as a magician, pulling a rabbit out of a hat makes a truly special invitation. (It can even be designed to fit in with the more formal "temple" invitation). You can then use the artwork for your seating cards, sign in board, centerpieces and even a Lifesize cutout of your child.

Choose a personalized magic invitation for something different. It’s fun and colorful – what could be better? No matter what invitation you choose, be sure to add some silver star confetti to the envelope to add to the excitement!

Magic Theme Decorations and Party Supplies
Light up the night with a welcome sign for your guests. A big sign hanging over the entrance that says "Welcome To [child’s name]'s Magical Bar/Bat Mitzvah – The Show’s About To Begin!" will get everyone ready for a magical evening. And what a magical night it will be!

Add color to your welcome and cocktail area with balloons. Colorful bouquets can be an inexpensive decoration and the perfect way to draw people over to the area. You can create theme yourself or hire a professional balloon company to create bouquets for your party.

Everyone will want to leave a note of congratulations for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah child so be sure to have a sign in board available. A magic theme sign in board that reads "Please leave a little magic of your own for [child’s name]" will be a wonderful piece of memorabilia.


Seating cards are an opportunity to give your guests a theme-related party favor AND tell them where to sit.
  • Choose pre-packaged magic tricks with a seating card attached and listing the guest’s name and table number.
  • White gloves, magic wands or little black top hats can be seating cards as well.
  • Even a white chocolate rabbit (that just came out a hat) can be a seating card – anything is possible! 
Be sure to use a sign, either hanging or tabletop, at the table telling guests that, "The Magic Begins when you take your seat!" Then decorate the sign-in area and seating card areas with big bunches of balloons.

Set off the dance floor and the DJ or band with a special sign. Have a large sign created that says “It’s a Magical Night with your child’s name.” The sign can be printed or for an extra special touch have it in lights! Ask your balloon company to create large balloon towers for either side of the stage.

Strolling magicians performing tricks will keep your guests enthralled all night and balloon twisters are another great addition to any party.

Magic Table Decorations
Your guests will know this is a special evening as soon as they walk into the room. Great looking tables, covered in black cloths with glitter-encrusted toppers or just scattered with silver star confetti or small playing cards, will be real show stoppers. Add fabulous (but not necessarily expensive) centerpieces and you’re all set.

Some ideas for centerpieces might include:


  • Adults and kids will love playing cards, magic wands, magic tricks, magician gloves and balloons coming out of a top hat.
  • Plush white rabbits coming out of top hats with balloons attached to the rabbit are sure to be a hit. (Donate the rabbits after the party to a local hospital or shelter.)
  • Chocolate pretzel magic wands coming out of a top hat will make a delicious centerpiece.
Don't forget the personalized Bar and Bat Mitzvah water bottle labels.  Your guests will be thirsty after all the fun they're having.


Add a touch of whimsy with a Harry Potter theme photo op for all of your guests! Or if you're having a photo booth, we LOVE these magic photo booth props.

Magic Bar or Bat Mitzvah Party Favors


Memories are always the best souvenir for any party but it’s always nice to have a thank you gift as well. Make sure the DJ has lots of prizes to give away. Magic tricks are a must of course but don’t forget to have glow jewelry.
Some other ideas for party favors include:
  • Little magic hats filled with candy, in cello bags.
  • An imprinted keychain that says, "You helped make [your child’s name]'s evening magical!" Pass them out at the end of the evening or put one on each set of keys when the car is returned.

Of course, Party411 can help with t-shirts, boxer shorts or any other favor you can think of for your magic theme party! Send us an e-mail for more information on personalized party favors. A Bar or Bat Mitzvah is always a special occasion but with, it can be a magical event as well!