Let's go to Camp Mitzvah

We know kids look forward to camp, whether it's a day camp, sports camp or overnight camp, all year long. Those summer days are the best of the year. So celebrate that love with a camp theme Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Outdoor decorations and camp theme party supplies will make them feel like they are back at camp, even if it's just for the night!

Camp Theme Invitations
You'll be sending out a formal Bar or Bat Mitzvah invitation, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun with your party invitation. You can include a party invitation in the same envelope as your formal invitation or mail it separately.

You can use a camp theme invitation. Or create a camp invitation that is a pre-camp letter letting everyone know what time camp starts, what they should pack and what they should wear! Have fun with it - people will get a kick out of their packing list. Don't forget to remind people to label all of their clothes.

For such a special occasion, a one of a kind caricature invitation is perfect. We can have the celebrant dressed for camp, standing with his or her dog and holding the Torah! The possibilities are truly endless! Once your art is drawn we can use your caricature to create seating cards, sign in boards, centerpieces, cutouts and more for your party!

Camp Theme Decorations and Party Supplies
It would be fun to hire teenagers dressed as counselors, dressed in camp t-shirts, carrying clipboards and whistles, to welcome everyone to camp

If there's a lobby area, overhead hang a banner that says "Welcome to Camp Foxman! Founded [and then put the date of the party]." It would also be cute to do a lifesize photo cutout of your child dressed for camp, holding the welcome sign. You can even add a speech bubble welcoming everyone.

Place balloon trees around the room. Your balloon company can create these for your party. (Here's a picture of a few balloon trees we made at Party411) Have directional signs coming off the bases (remember to make them woodsy looking) indicating the way to: Ivy Hollow, Butterfly Meadow, Wolf Den, Mosquito Pass, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Olympus, etc.

We love using personalized cocktail napkins at a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Have them imprinted with your Camp's name and the date of the party. In the cocktail area, hang a sign that says, "Camp [Your Name] Canteen."


Don't get too formal with drinks for the adults - serve them all in personalized stadium cups. But be sure to come up with a special drink just for your party - how about a Bug Juice Martini? Ask your bartender to come up with a martini recipe that uses Kool-Aid! Hang signs over the bars, buffets or food stations naming them for different camp areas like the mess hall or dining hall. Decorate the food stations with plastic ants and bugs.

There are a ton of camp items that can serve as a "sign in board" for your camp theme Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Here are a few ideas:


  • A giant backpack made out of foam core set up on an easel
  • Have everyone sign a pillowcase, like you would really do at camp!
  • Sign a real canoe paddle! 

For seating cards, choose a camping theme seating card and attach them to a flashlight keychain as a small favor. You can even skip the card and just write their name and table number right on the canteen with a sharpie marker. Have a small sign at the table that says, "Welcome to Camp [Your Name] Camper Check-In - Get Your Cabin Assignments Here!"

In the main party room, cover the walls with weathered wood paper to give the room a log cabin feel! You may also want to place more balloon trees around the room.

Camp Theme Table Decorations
Start by choosing great linens for your tables. Choose dark greens, browns or linens that look like wood. Your event center can get these or look online at a linen rental company.

For your centerpiece plush bears, moose or other wild animals to be given as Tzedakah piece with balloons coming off (in nature's colors) are a great option. Or, use hiking boots with wild flowers for a vase effect! Donate the boots to Shoes for Kids or another local charity at the end of the party. Just make sure you put a note on the table letting everyone know where they will be donated.... so they don't take them home.


Another fun idea is to use a lantern as your centerpiece. You can put it on a small stump of food for a more campy feel.

Large Mylar animal balloons in bright colors mixed in with latex balloons in greens and browns make great centerpieces for the kids.

And, instead of candles on the tables use small tabletop lanterns, with your child's photo at camp, around the centerpiece. They all come with LED candles, so they are even safe to use on the kid's tables. Add some candy to the table as well - online or at party stores you can find chocolates foil wrapped to look like bugs or flowers. Scatter them around the table instead of confetti. If you don't want to overload the kids with sugar, use plastic bugs as confetti on their tables.

Here are some other fun ideas for your camp tables:


  • At each place put out a “smore bag” with a graham cracker, a personalized candy bar and marshmallows - it will be a big hit.
  • Instead of napkin rings, tie a pair of plastic binoculars around each napkin for a fun napkin ring and favor!
  • Type up your camp's schedule for the day and put one at each place. Don't forget time for cabin cleaning!
  • Serve bug juice in pitchers on the tables.

Camp Bar and Bat Mitzvah Party Favors
Memories of a wonderful evening are always the best souvenir but it’s fun to have a great party favor too. Start with gifts for the DJ to pass out like glow necklaces and jewelry, hats and beads. Be sure to give out a favor that's a bit more special as well. Here are some ideas:


Of course, Party411 can help with t-shirts, boxer shorts or any other favor you can think of for your camp theme party! Send us an e-mail for more information on personalized party favors.

Have fun, happy camping and Mazel Tov, from the Party Girl and the Party-ettes!