Fiesta Mitzvah

Plan a Fiesta for your Bar or Bat Mitzvah Party! Fiesta party invitations, party favors, candy bar wrappers and personalized cameras designed for a Bar Mitzvah party. Party supplies, decorations and paper goods.

Authentic Fiesta Ticket Invitation

A fiesta theme ticket invitation

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Custom Caricature

These custom caricature drawings are one of a kind and truly unique for your Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration.


Fill this traditional bull pinata with lots of candy and hang for fun or use as apart of your Cinco de Mayo or Fiesta decorations. Our Bull Pinata is 23" x 10" x 5 1/2" and is sold by the piece. Please order in increments of 1 piece. Make sure to order CAN034UN pinata candy and DEC020EA pinata bat and mask.

Price $22.05

Custom Tabletop Lantern Decoration

Put a photo on each side and accent your table with this tabletop luminary

Price $6.95

Fabulous Fiesta Beverage Napkins

Add a red hot accent to your Cinco De Mayo celebration with these bright and bold red chili pepper Fabulous Fiesta Beverage Napkins. These great looking 3 3/4" by 3 3/4" beverage napkins make a spicy accent to Western themed parties or as a fun accent to a specific color scheme. Each pack comes with 16 Fabulous Fiesta Beverage Napkins. Please order in increments of 1 pack.

Price $3.70

Fiesta Big Sky Scene

Set the Scene!

Price $16.60

Fiesta Cutout, Mariachi Female Cutout

It's a fiesta! You have to have a mariachi.

Price $87.95

Fiesta Cutout, Mariachi Male

Add a face to this mariachi man!

Price $87.95

Fiesta Peppers Salt Tray

Brighten the Table!

Price $1.18

Fiesta Photo Op, Flamenco Dancer Male

Take your photo as a mariachi man

Price $87.95

Fiesta Photo Op, Mariachi Female

Take your photo and be a part of the fiesta!

Price $87.95

Fiesta Photo Op, Mariachi Male

Your guests will love being in a mariachi band

Price $87.95


THIS PRODUCT IS IMPRINTABLE AND CUSTOMIZABLE FOR YOUR SPECIFIC EVENT. GLOWING MARTINI GLASSES. THIS IS IT, THE ULTIMATE WAY TO SERVE YOUR FAVORITE MARTINI The Martini Glass hit at the bars and night clubs comes in a convenient 4 pack assortmen. 1 GREEN , BLUE, RED and YELLOW in a beautiful retail box. Priced by the box of 4, please order in increments 1 pack of 4 martini glasses. Our glow martini glass is an item that will glow 1 time only. For visual activation instructions please take a look at the available YouTube video by clicking on the YouTube icon above.

Price $7.90


Our lime green sectional serving tray is 12 1/8" in diameter and 1 3/4" deep. Use for chip and dips, as a relish dish or for nuts and candy. A perfect choice for backyard parties, beach parties, fiestas or St Patrick's Day. Each sectional server is hand washable and reusable and is sold by the piece. Please order in increments of 1 piece.

Price $6.25

Large Neon Maracas

Great Fiesta party item!

Price $30.12

Mexican Poncho

Fiesta Party decoration! Decorate your guests!

Price $25.74

Red Hot Salsa CD

Add Some Spice!

Price $12.79

Red White & Green Twist

Fiesta Twist!

Price $8.35

Singing Cactus Invitation

A great fiesta or western theme invitation

Price $1.85

Singing Cactus Theme Banner

The cactus is singing with this party banner!

Price $24.99

Singing Cactus Theme Candy Bar Wrapper

Perfect for a birthday fiesta or western theme party.

Price $1.35

Singing Cactus Theme Centerpiece

A fun cactus centerpiece

Price $25.00

Singing Cactus Theme Custom Favor Bag

A fiesta or western theme party favor bag

Price $1.20

Singing Cactus Theme Lollipop

A fun fiesta and western theme party favor

Price $2.50

Sombrero Pinata


Price $11.81