Candyland Mitzvah

A mitzvah party fit for the sweetest! And who doesn't love the classic Candyland game. This mitzvah party it sure to hit everyone's sweet tooth!
Candy Theme Bar or Bat Mitzvah Invitations

Along with your formal Bar or Bat Mitzvah invitation, you want to include a fun party invitation. You can mail it with your formal invitation (in the same envelope) or mail it separately shortly after you mail your formal invitation. Invite your friends to the sweetest party of the year with a cool, personalized candy theme invitation. Attach a large colorful lollipop or a small bag of candy.

Another great idea is a personalized Candyland theme semi-custom caricature or a full custom caricature invitation with the Bat Mitzvah girl's face added on Princess Frostine. Name it Mayaland (with the Bat Mitzvah celebrant's name, of course) as the name of the game. You can then use this art for your centerpieces, sign in board, seating cards and other decorations throughout the party.

Candyland Bar or Bat Mitzvah Decorations and Party Supplies
Start your decorations the moment your guests arrive.  Line the hallway to the party with Candyland character cutouts like King Kandy, Mr. Mint, Queen Frostine and Princess Lolly with the Bat Mitzvah celebrant's face! (If this is a Bar Mitzvah, have the Bar Mitzvah boy as Mr. Mint) Have them walk down a peppermint drop walkway. Each set comes with 24 printed peppermint drop disks. Or recreate the Candyland board walkway with bright squares of carpet, or paper, in the same colors as on the board.

Have a welcome sign near the entrance to the party that point to the party room and say, "Welcome to Alison-land!" or, "Welcome to Alison's Candyland!" with the Candyland border. Let your guests walk in on a Candy land theme walkway.

For a really creative way to welcome your guests, write a poem on a large piece of poster board that uses the names of different kinds of candy throughout the poem. Place the actual candies in place of the words for a cute sign to invite your guests into the party in a very sweet way. Something like-- "You're a lifesaver for coming to my Bat Mitzvah! Don't snicker…I really mean it!"

A colorful candy land arch is also a great idea for brightening up the entrance to the party. The candy canes are over 7' tall and are connected with wrapped peppermint balloons - yum! Another cool decoration to have at the party entrance is a giant colorful balloon lollipop or even a balloon lollipop bouquet. Use a round Mylar balloon and wrap it in cellophane for the top of your lollipop and attach the balloon to a cardboard tube! You can also hire a balloon company to create a great display of balloon candy. 

A caricature sign in board of your Bar of Bat Mitzvah party guy or gal surrounded by sweet treats makes a great focal point and inspires guests to leave messages. We also have great candy theme sign in boards for your party! We always like to decorate the sign in area at a party as well. You'll want to draw people's attention to the area so they are sure to leave a message for the guest of honor! So, don't forget to add balloons to this table or even a few fun pieces of candy props that you can make out of colorful cardboard.

Name each table after a fictitious street with the name of a candy: Candy Cane Lane, Milky Way, Rolo Rd., etc. Then use the name on your candy theme seating cards. For example… everyone who is sitting at Candy Cane Lane (table 4, let's say), has a candy cane attached to their seating card to represent the table. You are so clever!
Have a sign next to the seating cards, "There's "gobs" of seats but only one for you!" Be sure to have lots of colorful balloons at the table. Or use a personalized candy theme candy bar wrapper as a seating card. You can add your guest's name to the front of the wrapper.

Candyland Theme Table Decorations and menu
Choose fun and festive solid color linens in the Candyland colors - an assortment of bright colors. The more the better! Candy bracelets or necklaces make adorably festive napkin rings to bring flatware and other table decorations together.

Want a great centerpiece? Design a candy and chocolate "cake". Use larger candy bars around the side of a stack of round Styrofoam disks. Add a slew of candy on the top. You can even add balloons on the top. Give these to children's hospitals or an orphanage as a gift when the party is over. You'll feel great about it! Scatter miniature wrapped candies around the base as confetti—and what a great look! And you're so charitable!

If you are naming each table after a different candy or chocolate, then use that as your centerpiece. Fill a vase with the candy and be sure to scatter extra on the table. Have balloons in bright colors coming out of the vase for an extra pop of color.

For a more casual look, set up a few very long tables with different kinds of miniature candies such as Hershey Kisses, individually wrapped Lifesavers, Starlight Mints, etc. all over each table. There is also confetti in the shape of Hershey Kisses available and it looks adorable spread out all over the tables. Center a few baskets full of goodies throughout each table so that the guests can munch on sweets all through the evening.

How about a personalized candy theme centerpiece with photos of the guest of honor? Add balloons coming out of the 3-sided base and you've got a fun, bright, personalized centerpiece.

For dessert, have a "candy bar". I don't mean an actual bar of chocolate, but a large table filled with bags, jars and bowls and absolute mountains of all kinds of candy. Each guest may fill a small bag full of candy from this table. Eat some candy for dessert and take the rest home for a favor. Of course, don't forget the Bar of Bat Mitzvah Celebration Cake and the "make your own candy" bar complete with candy toppings. Cover this area with a fun candy heart balloon arch.

And, how about a "Jelly Bean Bar" with different flavors of jelly beans and recipes so people can mix and match their beans for new flavors? Have a menu of suggestions and sort the candy into different bowls. Be sure to label what flavor of jelly bean is in each bowl.

Candyland Theme Party Favors
Of course everyone will go home with their bags filled from your candy bar, but send everyone home with a super special personalized candy treat from your Candyland party. How about a fun personalized lollipop or a personalized candy bar wrapper with either milk or dark chocolate.

How about a personalized Bar and Bat Mitzvah candy tin filled with mints or candy? They'll be able to refill it and will think of your SUPER SWEET party every time they use it!

Have a fabulously sweet celebration, from all of the Sweethearts and Smarties at!