Basketball MVP Mitzvah

This theme is perfect for a child who loves basketball!

Basketball Bar Mitzvah Invitations
Let everyone know they are invited to a game at [Your Last Name] stadium! Use a basketball theme invitation for the party, inserted with the formal Bar or Bat Mitzvah invitation. You can also send it after your formal invitation is sent.

We also love using a photo ticket invitation or a personalized basketball ticket invitation to invite your guests!

A caricature or semi-custom caricature invitation is also a great option for such a special party. They are completely personalized for your child and are great for centerpieces, sign in boards, seating cards and other decorations at your party.

Basketball Decorations and Party Supplies
Start with a sign welcoming guests saying, "Hoop it up at [your child's name]’s ALL STAR Bar/Bat Mitzvah." Next to the welcome sign have a lifesize cutout of the celebrant dressed as a basketball player. Then have a directional sign point to different areas of the stadium – Locker Rooms, Concessions, Restrooms, etc.

Fill the cocktail area with bouquets of Mylar basketball balloons mixed with orange and black latex balloons. Or choose latex balloons in the colors of your favorite basketball team! We use lots of wine and gold here in CAVS country!

seating and sign in
A personalized basketball sign in board is perfect for your guests to let you child know they think he or she is a star!


Instead of just using table numbers, you can name each table after a different basketball team and have the kids sitting in the upper deck or in the locker room!


For seating cards, use personalized tickets can be seating cards for the adults. You can even get them with pouches and lanyards so your guests can wear them around the party. Game Tickets for adults and Player Security Passes for kids.
Or use a fun basketball theme seating cards with basketball theme table numbers.  Have a sign with the seating cards, "Be an ALL STAR and take your seat!" Don't forget balloons at this area!
party room

At the door into the party room, display a sign saying, "[Child's Name] welcomes all Basketball Bar/Bat Mitzvah Super Stars!"

We love to draw people's attention to the dance floor. A great way to do that is by hanging a large personalized basketball banner over the DJ. Try fun wording, like "[your child's name]’s ALL STAR Bar/Bat Mitzvah!"

Your balloon company can create a fabulous basketball theme balloon display on the dance floor. Have them create a larger than life balloon basketball player with an orange balloon arch coming from his arms and crossing the dance floor. On the other end of the dance floor have them create a giant basketball hoop out of balloons! It's just great!

Have a sign over kids area that says "Locker Room - Players Only!" You can even rent lockers and set up a display in this area using your child's basketball gear or a famous player's jersey. Here's a locker display we had at a basketball Bar Mitzvah.

You may want to offer an additional activity, besides dancing, at your party. Look for a local event or party rental company and rent a basketball pop-a-shot game for the kids!
Whatever activity you decide on whether it be dancing or basketball or both, your guests are sure to work up a thirst. Quench their thirst by serving bottled water in a personalized basketball water bottle label. Not only will these fit your theme to a T but they can double as party favors.

Basketball Table Decorations
Start with the linens on your table. Alternate orange and black tablecloths or choose colors matching the colors of your favorite basketball team. You can also go to a linen company and rent basketball theme table linens!

For centerpieces on adult tables, use florals displayed in half-basketballs. Have a tabletop size cutout of your child as a basketball player and have them coming out on plant sticks. For the kids, use balloon bouquets coming out of a felt basketball team hat with a small hole in the top for balloons. Or, have a hat on each table that represents the team the table is named for with balloons attached to the hat . No matter what you choose for your centerpieces, surround them with cheerleading pom poms!

Foil-covered chocolate candy basketballs can be found at candy stores or online and make great confetti on the tables!

Then print up a "game day program" but with the Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrant on the cover listing items about him and the special people helping him celebrate. It's fun at each place and your guests will love reading it that evening.

Basketball Party Favors
Buy an assortment of dance floor gifts like glow jewelry, noisemakers and inflatable "#1" hands for the DJ to pass out during the evening.

Here are a few more fun basketball theme party favors ideas:

  • As your guests are leaving have someone pass out our personalized basketball candy bars with either milk or dark chocolate as a sweet way to say thanks for attending.
  • Personalized basketball mint tin is another way to say thanks for attending to all of your guests.
  • Personalized jersey style t-shirts or basketballs
  • Hats from your favorite team (most stores will give you a discount for buying bulk)

And, of course, Party411 can help with t-shirts, boxer shorts or any other favor you can think of for your baseball party! Send us an e-mail for more information on personalized party favors.

Have fun and Mazel Tov, from the Party Girl and the Party-ettes!