A Hollywood Star Bar or Bat Mitzvah

Lights! Camera! Action! And what an action filled night it will be as your guests are smiling and posing for the camera! A Hollywood theme Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a popular and fun theme that your friends will always remember.

Hollywood Invitations
You'll be sending out a formal Bar or Bat Mitzvah invitation, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun with your party invitation. A fabulous Hollywood theme invitation will let your guests  know they’re in for a star studded evening. You can include it in the same envelope as your formal invitation or mail it separately. If you're mailing it separately, make sure to mail it shortly after your formal invitation is mailed.

For such a special occasion, a one of a kind caricature invitation is perfect. Have your child dressed to the nines, standing on the red carpet, surrounded by fans and paparazzi! The possibilities are truly endless! Once your art is drawn we can use your caricature to create seating cards, sign in boards, centerpieces, cutouts and more for your party!
How about a ticket or a backstage pass as a way to invite everyone to your party? Use a backstage pass invitation or a ticket invitation to invite everyone to your Hollywood party. Both can be ordered with a lanyard and lanyard holder so everyone to wear their pass or ticket to the party.

Hollywood Theme Decorations and Party Supplies
The lights will be flashing and the action beginning before your guests ever walk through the door! Have some of your guests (or your children if they’re old enough) be the paparazzi.

“Celebrity” guests deserve a celebrity entrance so be sure to have a red carpet with stanchions (that you can rent) waiting for them. They’ll stroll down this classic walkway until they reach the entrance to the party. Then hang a personalized hollywood theme banner over the door welcoming your stars.

Such a special event calls for special lighting. Rent spot lights to wash the walls in color or hire a lighting company to come in and put up moving light fixtures and even a spotlight outside.
sign in and find your seat
Plastic black microphones or Hollywood awards also makes a fun seating card - just write your guest's name and table information right on the microphones or awards with a Sharpie pen.

The stars will shine even brighter once your guests enter your party room! Create your own walk of fame on the floor with silver stars. Write each guest’s name on a star (and maybe some truly famous people as well) and place them all over the room. Everyone will love finding his/her own star on the walk of fame.

Be sure to have plenty of party items like hats, glasses, and feather boas so everyone can dress up for pictures! Or, how about the chance to be someone completely different in the picture? With photo ops your guests can be a anything!  How about a:

Hollywood Table Decorations
Make sure your tables glitter just like your guests! Cover the tables with black linens and glittery overlays. Choose napkins to match your event colors - we used red, black and silver.

A Hollywood theme centerpiece with your child's photo and balloon coming out is a great centerpiece for your tables. Or choose black top hats with a small hole in the top and balloons coming out for a fun and inexpensive centerpieces.

Instead of candles on the tables, choose personalized mini tabletop lanterns with a photo of your child on all four sides. The all come with LED candles, so they are safe to use on the kids tables too, and look great surrounding a centerpiece.

Hollywood Bar and Bat Mitzvah Party Favors
Make sure your DJ or band has plenty of giveaways for the dance floor like sunglasses or plastic microphones. Here are some other ideas for Hollywood theme favors for your party:


Your guests will leave your party feeling like they area a Hollywood star! Have fun and Mazel Tov, from the Party Girl and the Party-ettes!