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Bachelor Party Ideas

Have you been planning a bachelor party and don’t know what to do??! We’ll make it easy for you with this Bachelor Party Planning Guide.

Bachelor Party Invitations
Sending out a great invitation to the bachelor party let's everyone know that this party is not to be missed! We love personalized photo ticket invitations. You pick a color, add a picture, and choose the wording. It's the hottest ticket in town! They are the perfect for bar hopping, going to the club, or a crazy night in.

If you don't want the groom-to-be's mug on the invite? Go with personalized ticket invitations. You get to use your own wording, choose from nine colors and can order as few as 30.

We also have a slew of theme invitations. These are perfect if you are going to Vegas (casino invitations), playing a round of golf (golf invitations), or going to a country western bar to down some drinks (western invitations)!

Party Games and Gags
There are so many ways to have a memorable time with the bachelor and groomsmen at the bachelor party.

In Town Bachelor Party:
Speak with the groom-to-be and see if he wants a conservative or more wild party before you decide how to go about what you are doing for the evening:

Conservative: Going bar hopping (sober driver, limo or party bus please) is a great way to celebrate the night with you and your friends. You can also play great games like who has the funniest story about the groom-to-be: Have the guys tell the funniest stories they have experienced with the Bachelor. This is a great way for people to get to know one another. The classic games of course are quarters, card games as well as scavenger hunt where you have all the guys go out on a scavenger hunt that is set up by the Best Man or a friend. Give the guys clues as they drive or walk around to their next clue. You can even add in drinking (again if not driving), which would occur after each clue is found.

More Wild: Have the groom to be dress up in a prisoner outfit! You can also place a ball and chain on his leg with a blow up doll attached to him by handcuffs to make it a great picture moment to show his bride-to-be! Great games and gags can be played during the night such as having each of the guys sign an Oath of Secrecy or have a scavenger hunt with questions such as, "kiss a girl on the cheek with the same name as your Fiancé", "Have a girl buy you a drink", "Serenade a girl at the bar" get the idea.

Out of Town Bachelor Party:
If you and the guys are going out for a night on the town or away for the weekend, here are some sure ideas to make the party a success:

A great way to have fun at the bachelor party is to do something the bachelor and groomsmen like doing such as golfing, fishing, seeing a concert or going on an away trip to Las Vegas, New Orleans, Mexico, or just about anywhere! Nightlife at any place you go will sure be fun for all!

More Wild: There is nothing like having a memorable time at a bachelor party with some very funny novelty party items. Dress the bachelor up in a huge top hat that states "Groom to Be" or with a condom hat! Another fun game to play for the guys is the Bachelor Party Flash cards. These cards are a great item to take to the bachelor party if you are on the road, at a club or sitting by the pool with statements such as "Show Me Your Buns", "You're a Hottie" and other funny statements. Make believe you and the guys are the Judges at the Olympics! Another favorite is Pin The Boobs on the Babe which is a funny game placing the cutouts on the pinup while blindfolded!

Bachelor Party Wearables
Add some extra fun and excitement to the night's festivities by handing out some fun party wearables. Here are a few of our favorites:
  • Glow Products - You can't go wrong with these. Get extra to hand out to all of the people you will meet as you hit the town!
  • LED Shot Glass Beads - A glowing shot glass on beads, what more can you ask?
  • Light Up Barware - If you are staying in, add some fun with glowing glasses and pitchers.
The most important thing is to have a great time with you and the guys. Just remember to follow the groom-to-be's wishes and have a party for him and not what the other guys want, since it is all about your friend who is getting married!