Bachelor Party FAQs

Guys don’t usually have many parties before they get married so the bachelor party is generally their moment in the spotlight. After all, everyone knows the wedding is all about the bride! A bachelor party can be a simple boys’ night out or an elaborate weekend in Vegas. Whatever type of bachelor party you decide to plan, there will be questions. Read on for answers and ideas that will make the bachelor party you give an event to remember!

Is a bachelor party a “must have” for the groom-to be?
There are no absolutes in wedding planning anymore but a bachelor party is a nice tradition that most men like. It’s a chance to “be with the guys” and for the groom to be the center of attention, at least for one day or night – or more!

How far in advance should you plan a bachelor party?
If the bachelor party is a local one night affair, 4-6 weeks is probably enough notice for most people. But if you want to have a destination bachelor party, start the planning process 3-6 months in advance. You want to give guests plenty of time to clear their calendars and get the best deals on airplane tickets, car rentals and hotel accommodations.

When should you have a bachelor party?
Unlike bridal showers, a bachelor party is usually held relatively close to the wedding; one to three weeks before works well. However, if you’re planning on inviting out-of-towners, you may want to plan the bachelor party around a holiday weekend.

Who should be invited to the bachelor party?
Consult with the groom about who he wants on the bachelor party guest list. While size may not matter, 10-15 guys is probably an appropriate number for a local bachelor party. Don’t forget to include family and male members of the wedding party.

What kind of invitation should you send out for a bachelor party?
A bachelor party is generally not as formal as a bridal shower and the same can be said of the invitations. While a phone call is fine, a printed invitation is always nicer. If you don’t want to spend the time or expense on a traditional invitation, an evite or email is a good compromise for a bachelor party invitation.

How much should a bachelor party cost?
Unlike bridal showers, a bachelor party is usually not hosted by one or two friends, although they may be responsible for planning it. Unless the party is held at someone’s house and he is providing the food and beverages, the cost of the bachelor party is shared by all the guests. For example, if the bachelor party includes dinner at a restaurant, everyone pays for his own meal and shares the cost of the guest of honor’s food. If it’s a destination bachelor party, each guest is responsible for his own travel expenses, hotel and food. Expenses for the guest of honor can be divided up between everyone attending.

What’s the best venue for a bachelor party?
Anyplace is a good place for a bachelor party! Restaurants, golf or country clubs, race tracks, nightclubs are all great locations for a bachelor party. Destination bachelor parties – to Las Vegas, New Orleans, Chicago, New York – have all become popular in recent years. These require a bit more planning but a destination bachelor party means the festivities can last longer!

How important is the food to a bachelor party?
Food is important to everyone and every party – bachelor party or not! Everyone loves to eat so be sure to have plenty. If the bachelor party is at a restaurant you can plan a menu in advance or let the guests pick on their own. (Choosing a menu in advance allows for a little control over the final bill.) Food for a bachelor party at home can feature trays from local deli or a barbeque. If the groom-to-be is a “foodie,” consider hiring a traditional or sushi chef for the event.

What kind of entertainment is appropriate for a bachelor party?
Before answering this question, it’s important to know your groom-to-be and what he would like. For some, a more active bachelor party, featuring a golf outing, night at the race track, cigar rolling or wine tasting, might be perfect and it provides built-in entertainment. Adult entertainment is often part of a bachelor party held at someone’s house, a restaurant or club, but make sure the guest of honor will enjoy it.

Should you bring gifts to a bachelor party?
Traditionally, bachelor parties are all about the activity and not the gifts like at a bridal shower. If gifts are given, they are probably just gag gifts. Be sure to state it clearly on the bachelor party invitation if you want guests to bring a present.