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BaByQ western baby shower ideas. Cowboy and Cowgirl baby shower.

BaByQ Western Baby Shower Ideas

Put on your boots, saddle up the horses, and mosey on down for a western BaByQ!  Use these western baby shower ideas to have a hoedown for mom and baby that will get family and friends up off of the couch and into the saddle.  Choose from personalized invites, décor, banners, and favors to make your event extra special for your guest of honor and her little cowboy or cowgirl.
BaByQ Shower Invitations
For the soon-to-be mother, send out these BaByQ shower invitations.  Because they come in both blue and pink themes, these invites would be perfect for the arrival of any cowboy or cowgirl.  Add some Western Confetti to each envelope, adding a fun touch that emphasizes the cowboy boots on the invitation.
Create a Custom Caricature Invitation of the mother-to-be with her favorite cowboy boots and hat.  Then, use the caricature from the invitation on your table numbers, seating cards, and favors!
You can, of course, create your own invitations for your special BaByQ.  Use gingham or bandana patterns on your invitation in either blue or pink, and bring out the southern drawl when wording your invite:
A little cowboy/cowgirl is on his/her way!
Y’all mosey on over for a baby shower
In honor of Sandy Bloom

Please join us for a western BaByQ!
The time has come for one and all to celebrate
Aaron and Christine’s upcoming arrival
Put on your boots, saddle up the horse, and join us
As we have ourselves a hoedown.
So come on y’all!

Jamie is expecting a little cowboy/girl!
Giddy up, and join us for some western fun!

Keep in mind that your invitations should be mailed four weeks in advance.  Make sure to finalize the guest list and shower date with the mother-to-be.  Because the shower may be outdoors with grilling and games, this is a great opportunity to make your BaByQ a co-ed event.  The outdoor atmosphere of your party will appeal to male guests who may want to partake of the pork ribs and beef brisket.
BaByQ Shower Decorations and Party Supplies

Use these party decorations to add a western twist to your BaByQ.
Mom-to-be will love these western decorations with personal touches:
  • Display this BaByQ western baby shower banner at the entrance of your barbeque.  Matching the invitations, this banner ties together all the elements of your party.
  • Add personalized wanted posters throughout your party site.  If your barbeque is outdoors, pin some on your deck or the tree next to the picnic tables.  To personalize the poster, print an 8x11 sonogram of the little cowboy/cowgirl or a photo of the mom-to-be showing off her baby bump.
  • Want to make all of your guests outlaws?  Create a “Wanted Photo Booth” with a frame and cardboard letters spelling “Wanted.” Have a helper operate the camera as guests take pictures with cowboy hats, toy guns, and fake handlebar mustaches.
  • Decorate your guest of honor and her family and friends with stylish cowboy hats to get everyone in the mood for a hoedown. Purchase hats in blue or pink depending on if the mom-to-be is having a cowboy or cowgirl.
  • To help your guests find their way around your western get-together, put up hand painted, rustic wood signs.  If you’re not the DIY type or just don’t have the time, try these no sweat western cutout signs.
  • Surprise your guest of honor and her family and friends with a personalized cutout  that shows off her baby bump.  Or, to match the theme of your western bash, have this cowgirl cutout waiting at the entrance of your barbeque to greet guests.
Ask your guests to leave well wishes and advice for the mom-to-be on a sign-in board. Leave coordinating markers, so your guests can leave a note, and after the shower mom can display the words of wisdom in the nursery. Here are a few western baby shower ideas for a great sign in area -
  • Have guests leave a message for mom and baby on a cowboy hat with fabric markers.
  • Cut out horse shoes shapes from silver cardstock. Have guests leave "lucky" wishes for mom and baby!
  • Have guests leave a loving note to mom and baby on a piece of cardstock, and then drop them into a cute pair of kids cowboy boots for mom to read later.
  • Frame a maternity shot and have guests sign the matte with smudge free markers.
  • Create a few western theme scrapbook pages with empty spots for guests to leave a message. After the shower you can add pictures from the party and put it together in a book. What a special memento for mom!
Make sure you decorate the sign-in and gift table too! Here are a few great ideas -
  • Spell out the baby’s name in thick rope (like in this baby shower) to personalize the BaByQ even further.
  • Balloons! They are easy and will draw people to this area. Always use odd groupings (it looks better) and something cute as a balloon weight; plastic horses, a horseshoe, or a bag/balloon filled with sand and wrapped in a coordinating bandana. Or use these great cowboy boot balloon weights.
  • Crepe paper streamers are an inexpensive way to make a backdrop for a table. Use them vertically to make a curtain behind the table. Use different shade of the same color (for example, light, medium and bright pink) to give the background depth.

BaByQ Shower Table Decorations and Menu

A BaByQ gives a hostess the versatility that often results in a low-key, stylish party.  From using picnic tables at your favorite park to serving your grandma’s famous pulled pork sandwiches, barbeques create a laid-back afternoon that everyone will enjoy. Try including these table decorations and tasty treats to make your BaByQ memorable:

  • Dig out those cowboy boots, and put them to good use as centerpieces! To create this easy to make decoration, take a small ball jar, and fill it with daisies and mums, keeping the flower stems long enough so they’ll poke out of the top of the boot.  Then, lower the jar into the boot, so your flowers stay fresh but your boots aren’t ruined.
  • A popular western pattern that will be easy to carry throughout your party is the bandana print.  Use these coordinating western table numbers and western seating cards to help direct guests to their seats.
  • Bandanas! Use cotton bandanas in red or blue to make runners that stretch the length of a picnic table. Also, use bandanas to create silverware kits. In a ball jar, place a bandana and silverware.  Guests can use the ball jar as a drinking glass and the bandana as a napkin. Everything your guests need to enjoy your delicious spread is neatly rolled up into one convenient kit.
  • On each table, put out a tin bucket filled with peanuts (in shell).  Guests can spend time in between trips to the buffet table cracking them open, and if the event is outside, they can leave the mess on the ground.
  • Instead of a candy bar, try a “Make Your Own Candied Apple” bar!  Set out tin buckets filled with toppings (sprinkles, crushed nuts, marshmallows, crushed candy bars, Oreos, M&Ms) and have apples already washed and skewered with popsicle sticks.  Guests can dip their apples in melted caramel waiting in a crockpot and munch on them for dessert!  Just make sure to have wipes on hand for cleanup.
  • On a hot summer day, make sure your guests stay well hydrated and cool with a western waterin’ hole. Fill a large tin bucket, which can be found at most craft stores, with ice. Print a cute “Waterin’ Hole” sign in western style fonts, and attach it to a wooden dowel. Then, wedge the sign in the ice. Add your favorite bottled drinks along with water adorned with these western baby shower water bottle labels, which match the banner and invites. 

BaByQ Shower Games and Activities

Keep your guests entertained with a variety of baby shower games.  If your BaByQ is outdoors, than break out the corn hole boards, bocce ball set, and Frisbee, so guests can take advantage of games that require good weather and a lot of space.  Include a more traditional set of baby shower games by trying these on for size:
  1. Guess the Stats: On a piece of paper, have guests write down their guesses for the baby’s name, date, time, weight and length. After the baby is born, whoever has the most correct answers wins.  As a prize, send the winner a small gift card. Try making this game more visual by setting up a large chalkboard with columns that allow guests to fill in their guesses with colored chalk.
  2. Baby Alphabet: On a form, have guests write down different baby items that each start with a different letter of the alphabet.  The first to get all 26 letters wins.  You can also play this same game with baby names.
  3. Late Night Diapers: Set up a table with diapers and Sharpie markers.  Have guests write a funny joke orr message of encouragement for the mother-to-be who will use these diapers at 3 am when the baby wakes up.  As the hostess, store the diapers in a decorated tote that says, “For Mom’s Use Only.”
  4. Baby Photo Matching Game: Have guests bring in a baby photo of themselves, and hang the photos on a clothesline near the sign-in or gift table.  Number the photos, and have guests guess who the babies are on a form.  The guest with the most correct answers wins.
  5. Celebrity Babies: If your mom-to-be is a celebrity fanatic, have guests match pictures of celebrity children with their parents.  Or, ask guests to match goofy celebrity children’s names with their parents (i.e. Suri, Apple, Blanket).
  6. DIY Onesies/Bibs: Set up a DIY onesie and bib table with iron on fabric appliques.  Have the appliques pre-cut in western shapes like cowboy hats and boots, horses and horseshoes, cacti, a sheriff’s star, and a guitar.  Guests will find this craft simple and fun, just make sure someone is standing by to watch the iron.  After completing the onesies, the mother-to-be will have a collection of cute clothes to remind her of her special day.
If you’d like to browse more activities, take a look at our baby shower games page which lists more fun things to keep your guests involved.

BaByQ Western Baby Shower Favors
Don’t send your guests home without a little something to remember the special day. Try some of these themed and personalized gifts to leave an impression:
  • Western Baby Shower Candy Bar Wrappers: Match these favors to the rest of your BaByQ décor and leave a funny message to guests on the back.
  • Western Baby Shower Custom Lollipops: Leave a personalized message to your guests on the back of these lollies.
  • Western Baby Shower Custom Cookies: The art for these personalized cookies not only matches the invites but is printed directly on the cookie.
  • Western Baby Shower Goody Bag: Fill these cow print favor boxes or personalized BaByQ favor bags with peanuts or candy on which guests can munch on their way home.
  • “Happy Trails” Trail Mix:  Fill a bag with trail mix and tie with a gingham ribbon and a tag that says, “Much Obliged Y’all.”
  • Homemade S’more Pack: In a plastic bag, give your guests the fixins for a s’more (two graham cracker halves, a marshmallow, and some chocolate).  Tie with a gingham ribbon and a tag that says, “Sending Home S’more Love.”

Have a boot-scootin' BaByQ Western Baby Shower!