Splish Splash

Splish Splash! A rubber duck theme baby shower is not only adorable, but it's gender neutral so it is a great choice for a Mom-to-be who doesn't know if she's having a boy of a girl. Help the new mom get everything she needs for her bundle of joy! We are going to give you all the party ideas you will need to plan the perfect baby shower. Baby shower decorations, invitations, party games and personal touches will all come together for a memorable day! Trust us, it will be just ducky!

Rubber Ducky, Duck Theme Baby Shower Invitation
Invitations should be sent out about 4 weeks before the shower. Work with the mom-to-be to define the guest list and pick a date that works for her. Send a personalized baby shower invitation that will get everyone excited. We've created a rubber duck theme invitation to match this party perfectly.

If you want to go all out for you mother-to-be consider having a custom caricature of her drawn! Be sure she's holding an armful of rubber ducks in your caricature and even sitting on the edge of a bathtub filled with ducks, frogs and other baby toys. Not only can you use it for invitations, but signage, seating cards and favors too!

A fun homemade invitation is also great for this party! Get a large rubber duck (available at party stores, toy stores or stores like Target) and either write the information right on the duck with a Sharpie pen or attach your invitation to the duck with a piece of ribbon tied around its neck. Too cute! Then mail the "invitation" in a box. Your guests will love this.

Rubber Duck Baby Shower Decorations and Party Supplies


If your shower is being held at a home, greet guests with a lifesize cutout of the Mom-to-be with a BIG pregnancy belly or of the mom as a baby in a baby carriage.


When the guest of honor arrives, give her a Mom To Be sash and a New Mom To Be tiara to wear during the party. She should know she's the star for today and the sash and tiara will certainly let her know everyone agrees. You can ask everyone to sign in good wishes on a duck theme sign in board for your guest of honor.

Decorate your bar with an inflatable duck bathtub. Fill it with ice and put canned beverages or bottled water in the tub. It makes a cute and fun cooler! This is especially good for a shower that is being held outside.

You'll want to use lots of fun and festive balloons at your party. Mix pale blue, yellow and white balloons together. You can use rubber ducks as balloons weights or choose traditional weights in your event colors. Place bouquets at the entrance and around the room to brighten any space.

Rubber Ducky Baby Shower Table Decorations
Start with the color scheme for this shower - lots of blues and yellow with a mix of green. Use these colors for your linens on the table. I would personally choose baby blue linens with yellow napkins. If the Mom is having a girl and the blue is too much, you can use pink linens with blue and yellow napkins.

If you're using real linen or not, rubber duck theme paper goods are perfect for this party. Rubber ducky paper plates, cups, napkins and table covers all the match, are adorable and are inexpensive. What could be better? (If you're using linen, just use the paper plates and use the napkins for cocktails. The table covers work well on buffet tables.)

To create your centerpiece you'll need ducks, ducks and more ducks! Go to a dollar store or a drug store and buy LOTS of rubber ducks. Then get fun vases and fill them with the ducks. You can add flowers coming out of the vase as well. Or choose a low circular glass bowl and have ducks floating in the water with a few flowers added as decoration.

A more formal look for your shower would be to use bouquets of beautiful yellow and pale blue flowers as your centerpiece. Then use the rubber ducks around the base of the vase. If you are using long tables, place the vase of flowers in the center in the table and have the ducks set out in a line going down either side of the table.

For dessert, a large duck cake is a fun option. Here's a fun duck cake! (It's for a 1st birthday, but works well for a duck theme baby shower.) Use a cake as the centerpiece for your dessert display. Also offer and assortment of cookies, brownies and other small pasties. Be sure to add rubber ducks to the dessert buffet as well.

Since bubbles are also a key to any good rubber duck bath, put out bubbles on the tables (this is best for a shower outside) for your guests to play with during the shower. You can also achieve a bubble look with circular glass ornaments. They can be added at the base of a centerpiece or in the centerpiece itself. You could have a small vase with "bubbles" next to your taller vase filled with rubber ducks!

Baby Shower Games and Activities
One of the main activities at a baby shower is watching the guest of honor open all of the cute baby gifts! When she opens her gifts, make sure someone is writing down who gave what. It will be very helpful for the guest of honor has to write all of those thank you notes!

Many baby showers offer games for the guests to play. Here are a few printable games that you can leave on the tables for guests to amuse themselves with -


We also have a huge list of baby shower games that you can play throughout the party on our Baby Shower Games page.

Rubber Duck Baby Shower Party Favors
Your Mom-to-be will certainly be showered with gifts at her baby shower. You should also send home your guests with a fun reminder of their day.


Your mommy-to-be will have a wonderful time at her beautiful baby shower. She will always remember the special celebration that you put so much thought and love into!