Twins Baby Shower

If you are looking for a cute theme for a twin baby shower, why not think like Noah, and help gather everything that the mother-to-be will need in two's? Of course this shower also works well for any new Mom and is gender neutral so it can be used for a boy of a girl. Help your new mom get everything she needs for her bundles of joy! From Noah's Ark theme invitations to decorations and party favors, this party has it all...times 2!

twin Baby Shower Invitations
Start with a Noah's Ark theme baby shower invitation with an ark on the front with animals in pairs! Try something cute like, "Two by Two! Sara's Twins Are Almost Due!" or ask a question on the invitation, "If you were having twins, of what would you gather two!?"

Even cuter, is the idea of making a custom caricature of the pregnant mom-to-be standing on Noah's Ark, surrounded by animals in pairs. Be sure to include a few baby animals!

Invitations should be sent out about 4 weeks before the shower. Work with the mom to be to define the guest list and pick a date that works for her. The hostess should set a budget and pick a location, both of which will affect the guest list. You might want to include information on the invitation about where the Mom-to-be is registered. This will help people pick a gift that she really needs.

Baby Shower Decorations and Party Supplies
Inside greet guests with a lifesize cutout of the Mom-to-be with a BIG pregnancy belly or of the mom as a baby in a baby carriage. You can ask everyone to sign in good wishes on a Noah's Ark theme sign in board for your guest of honor.


You'll want to use lots of fun and festive balloons at your party. Mix blue, lavender, pink, white and yellow balloons. Place bouquets at the entrance and around the room to brighten any space.

Baby Shower Table Decorations and Menu

If you're using linen, just use the animal print paper plates for dessert and use the napkins for cocktails. The table covers work well on buffet tables. For linens choose colors that match your event colors - pastels, including purple, blue, yellow and pink. You can choose one base color for all of your linens and then alternate napkin colors or mix up every table.

Use pretty glass bowls filled with animal crackers or cookies (we like the frosted kind) on each table for a snack for your guest.

There are a ton of fun options for Noah's Ark Theme Centerpieces! Here are a few ideas:


  • Place two small stuffed animals in the center of each table, and tie some balloons to them (pink/blue/both). These can be given to the new parents or donated after the party.
  • Make centerpieces of different (small) objects (2 of each) that the mother-to-be will need for her twins (sippy cups, pacifiers, rattles, etc.).

Be on the lookout for cute Noah's Ark theme toys. There is a great Fisher Price Little People toy with Noah and 8 different animals. Set it up on a welcome table and then make sure the Mom-to-be takes it home as a gift at the end of the shower. If you'd like a nice donation option for your party, get one set for each table as your centerpiece. Then donate the toys at the end of the party to a local children's charity.

Your menu should be determined by the time of day you are holding your party.

  • A brunch is always fun and is easy to stock with bagels, muffins, eggs, coffees, juices and other breakfast fare.
  • For lunch, choose small sandwiches and salad and set up a buffet for your guests.
  • Dessert showers are also fun. Choose an assortment of cookies, cakes and chocolates. Or for dessert, how about a special baby shower cake in the shape of Noah's Ark? Or have cupcakes with different animal faces on each one. Delicious and adorable!

Baby Shower Games and Activities
"Two by Two"- This is a great way to break the ice. Have a variety of different sets of stuffed animals. As people walk in the door, hand them a stuffed animal. When everyone has an animal, each person must find the other animal in the pair. They have 5 minutes to find out as much information as they can about each other, and then get to use that information to introduce each other to the rest of the guests.

"The Bottle Race"- Divide players into 3 or more groups (depending on how many players, since each person on the team will get a prize). Give one player from each team a small baby bottle filled with water. When the hostess says, "Go", they must race to see who can finish drinking the bottle first (while their team cheers them on). The team that finishes first is the winner!

Here are a few printable games that you can leave on the tables for guests to amuse themselves with -

We also have a huge list of baby shower games that you can play throughout the party on our Baby Shower Games page.

Baby Shower Party Favors
Your Mom-to-be will certainly be showered with gifts at her baby shower. You should also send home your guests with a fun reminder of their day. A box of animal crackers is a cute and yummy treat that works perfectly with your Noah's Ark Theme. Here are some "sweet" favor ideas that can be put in a favor box:

Your mommy to be will have a wonderful time at her baby shower. She will always remember, even through sleepless nights with twins, the special celebration that you put so much thought and love into! Congrats to the new Mom-to-be from the Party Girl and Party411.