Mommy To Be

Some Moms and Dads choose not to accept baby gifts before their baby is born. It may be personal preference, religious views or superstition. So, many of these future parents will also not have a traditional baby shower. This party is written with those Moms in mind! Shower her with love and pampering gifts just for Mom. Mom is the star of this party! This theme also works well for a Mom who already has kids. If she has kids and has had a baby shower in the past, you might not want to obligate people to get more baby gifts. This "shower" is just a special day to honor and celebrate Mom-to-be.


Mommy To Be Party Invitations
Send a personalized shower invitation that will get everyone excited. Invitations should be sent out about 4 weeks before the party. Work with the mom to be to define the guest list and pick a date that works for her. A photo ticket invitation would also be great fun for this party. Invite everyone to a "relaxation event" for the Mommy to be!

If you want to go all out for you mother-to-be consider having a custom caricature of her drawn! "Mom" can be sitting (with her big pregnant belly) in a spa having a manicure and a pedicure. Invite everyone to relax with her at the party.

Since you won't be asking for gifts for the baby for this party, you may want to ask your guests to bring a small gift to pamper the guest of honor. Some ideas include bath gels and soaps, manicure gift certificates, journals, etc. Just a little something for mom! Be sure to mention this on the invitation. Or if the guest of honor doesn't want any presents, you can ask everyone to bring a small wrapped pampering gift and these can be given out as an activity at the party. (We'll explain this below.) You can even include a price limit so people don't go overboard.

Mommy To Be Party Decorations and Party Supplies
Greet guests with a lifesize cutout of the Mom-to-be with a BIG pregnancy belly. When the guest of honor arrives, give her a Mom To Be sash and a New Mom To Be tiara to wear during the party. She should know she's the star for today and the sash and tiara will certainly let her know everyone agrees.

Set up a table at the party with pictures of the guest of honor through the years. At this table, ask your guests to sign in words of wisdom for the future mom. There are a number of options:


  • Create a small scrapbook and decorate each page ahead of time with baby themed embellishments. Let everyone sign a page of the book.
  • Choose a baby shower theme sign in board.
  • Look for a coffee table book about babies, like an Anne Geddes photography book, and let people sign on different pages in the book

You'll want to use fun and festive balloons at your party. Mix pink, blue and white latex balloons together. A baby shower Mylar balloon will look great on each bouquet. Place bouquets at the entrance and around the room to brighten any space.

Mommy To Be Party Table Decorations
Start with your color scheme for this shower - I would use pastels, unless you know the gender of the baby and want to use blues or pinks. Then choose linens to match your colors. You can choose from baby shower theme paper goods or use real plates and silverware. The paper goods are, of course, the easiest to work with.

Your centerpiece for this party can also serve as a favor for your guests. Buy an assortment of loofahs or bath "poofs" in different colors and attach them to a long green stick with a bit of tape. Add a few fake leaves and they look like giant flowers. Place these all in a vase in the center of your table and you've got a fun and functional loofah centerpiece. Make sure all the guests take one home at the end of the party.

Another option for your centerpiece is to make a basket with small gifts for the Mom and the baby to be. Soaps for mom and baby wash for baby, etc. Just fill the basket, add a bow and even balloons to the top of the basket. This also makes a great gift for the guest of honor.

Mommy To Be Party Menu and Dessert
This party works well as a brunch, so choose traditional brunch foods. Bagels, muffins, egg casseroles, French toast, waffles or pancakes. Have a variety of options available so everyone can find something they like.

For dessert, how about a fun baby theme cake or a giant cookie cake decorated with good luck wishes for the Mom to be! You can also serve small pastries, fresh fruit and coffee and tea, if this is a brunch party. Be sure to have decaf options for any of the pregnant ladies.

Personalized candy tins filled with candy and custom candy bar wrappers with a fun baby theme are "sweet" at each place or set out with dessert.

You may also want to serve a fun non-alcoholic drink to the ladies. Here's a fun recipe for faux-pink champagne:


Faux Pink Champagne


  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1 1/2 cups water
  • 1/2 cup orange juice
  • 2 cups cranberry juice
  • 1 cup pineapple juice
  • 2 bottles lemon-lime soda

Instructions: Boil sugar and water until the sugar dissolves, and allow to cool. Stir cranberry, pineapple, and orange juice, and chill. Prior to serving, add carbonated beverage.

Mommy To Be Party Games
Your activity for this party, besides relaxing and hanging out with friends, can also include passing out gifts for all of your guests. This is such a nice game because everyone gets a present! Start with small pampering type favors like soaps and lotions. Or, if you've asked everyone to bring gifts for a gift exchange, place those somewhere in the room where everyone can get to them.

Give each person a cards with a number on it. These give out the order of each person's turn in the game. The person with the number 1 card chooses a gift. Then the person with the number 2 card can choose another gift or take the gift from the first person. That person then gets to choose a different gift. The person with the number 3 card can choose a gift from the first 2 people or choose an unwrapped gift from the pile. This goes on an on until everyone gets a gift. In this game, you want to be last so you can choose from all of the gifts!

We also have a huge list of baby shower games that you can play throughout the party on our Baby Shower Games page.

Mommy to be party favors
Send the mommy to be and all of her guests home with a fun reminder of their day. Here are some "sweet" favor ideas:

Your mommy to be will have a wonderful time at her beautiful Mommy-to-be party. She will always remember the special celebration that you put so much thought and love into!