You have the recipe for love but we have Valentines day recipes for food, food, food. What party isn't complete without mouth-watering food? Whether for 2 or for 100, there are some foods that just can't be missed on the most lustful of days. Here are a variety of resources for food, from links to Valentines Day recipes to suggestions.

Anything red works - cookies, cake, fruit, vegetables, just go the grocery store and start brainstorming

Three words for you - chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate, o.k., well five words, but who's counting, especially when it come to chocolate! In fact, why not give a chocolate bar in a personalized wrapper?

Here is a list of aphrodisiac foods - you be the judge!
Asparagus, avocado, chocolate, figs, ginseng, honey, lobster, oysters, quails' eggs, passion fruit, pomegranates, tomatoes

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