Valentines Day Ideas For Guys.

Valentines day ideas for guys. Helpful hints for men on valentine day.
Valentines Day is scary for guys so we have put together some helpful ideas for men on Valentines Day. Or how to become the Romeo your special someone expects.  Valentine’s Day puts lots of pressure on guys. We are expected to be romantic, caring, and totally focused on making this a special day. Oh, and the day we plan has to match the expectations of our girl friend. Not an easy task for your average dude but here are some suggestions that should make your celebration successful (or at least keep you out of the dog house).

The Big Build Up
You can wait until February 14th and then at the last minute suggest going out to dinner but why not create some anticipation for the event? (Look guys you’re stuck doing this you might a well embrace it.) Send your date an invitation for the evening. A hand written note (on nice stationery, not the back of an envelope) or even an electronic invitation can work. If you are really into this do a series of notes. First, “Save the Date”, then an invitation, then a reminder (“Just one week until our special evening!). This might be overkill. It depends a lot on the expectations of your friend. Don’t make it a bigger deal than she does but do make it a deal.

Send your flowers early. Flowers are common on Valentine’s Day but on the actual day they not only are expected but they are usually much more expensive. Why not send flowers a week early and say “You’re my valentine every day”. Surprise flowers earn you way more points than expected flowers and it might even save you a couple of bucks.

The Big Day
Start off with a bouquet. You’ve already given her flowers so go with a bouquet of Valentine's Day Balloons. These can be waiting at the breakfast table, delivered to the office or handed over at the door when you pick up your date. Very flexible and different than what most people do.

Or maybe a Valentine’s Day banner? This is a bold way to let her know how you feel. It’s personalized and it’s not too expensive.

Well we’ve got flowers and candy out of the way. That leaves dinner. You can go to your favorite restaurant. Or go to that expensive restaurant you’ve been dying to try. I think it’s a good idea to let her pick the restaurant. Surprises are nice but if you end up somewhere she doesn’t like the evening will be a bust. Be aware that this is a busy night in a restaurant which means reservations or a waiting line and then maybe questionable service. There are other options.

I’m a good cook so I usually cook dinner for my wife. It works great and we avoid the hassle of going out. I set the table with the good dishes, light a candle and pick a good wine. Voila! An instant success. But alas, some guys aren’t the best cooks. No problem. There are lots of places that provide prepared meals to take home that are great. Set a nice table, heat the groceries and you’re good to go.

One last option is making home the desert stop. Have dinner out but have a special dessert waiting at home. She’ll think you’re a sly devil (and maybe you are) but most people like a break between dinner and dessert and would prefer eating it in the comfort of their homes rather than in a loud dining room.

Ok, that’s enough. You’ve made her happy and isn’t that your job? Good work, Romeo!