Romantic Tips and Gifts

Romantic Tips and Gifts for Valentines Day.
No matter what you might plan for you and your Valentine on February 14th, the most important thing to remember is that the gifts remembered are the ones coming from the heart, and not the wallet. Make the day special, do something out of the ordinary (like giving personalized candy bars!), steal away from the regularity of your daily lives.

romantic Tips for Valentines day:
  • Plan a picnic in the park or inside with a table, chairs, tablecloth, china, crystal and candles...have it catered and don't forget the violinist you've hired
  • Read erotic literature to him/her
  • Buy a calendar and mark the events you have planned that he/she/both of you love(s) to do
  • Read Romeo & Juliet to him/her
  • Memorize an aria and sing it
  • Brush her/his hair (if bald, massage head)
  • Take him/her on a mystery weekend to a destination that you've always dreamed of...pack your clothes or buy all new at your destination
  • Write notes and leave them everywhere (underwear, pockets, briefcase, lunchbox, car etc.); write notes on the mirror with intentions
  • If you've been hesitating...SET A DATE!!!!!
  • Set the table in the dining room, with all the good china and crystal and make a fabulous, romantic feast for two
  • Draw a bath with floating flowers with only candles for illumination. Wash his/her hair. Shave him. Paint her toenails. Feed each other chocolates & cherries.
  • Send him/her a note stating date and time attached to an elegant hotel key (don't forget directions)
  • Watch the kids while she/he takes a nap
  • Read him/her love sonnets by Pablo Neruda, under the stars (don't forget the flashlight)
  • Arrange for a day at the spa for both of you together
  • Bake your Valentine a favorite sweet treat (check out Williams-Sonoma for heart-shaped tins, muffin pans and more)
  • Organize a scavenger hunt for the 2 of you, with the prize at the end a romantic dinner, an engagement ring, a proposal or something else special
  • Create your own at home spa
  • Make arrangements for the kids to be watched, and have a romantic dinner out. Have the kids make valentine's for mom and dad.
  • Send a message that the whole world can see with a personalized banner. Hang it for all to see and let everyone know how you feel.

romantic Gifts for valentines day:
  • Books on massage, the Kama Sutra, poetry
  • Candles or aromatherapy
  • Paint or draw a picture for your Valentine
  • Red or heart print boxers or underwear (check out
  • Make a book of coupons exchangeable for goodies
  • Kick-off the start of a special vacation fund for the 2 of you
  • Romantic CDs - Jim Brickman, Andrea Boccelli, Sarah Brightman, Barry White, Harry Connick Jr. - you know who these lust machines are!
  • Surprise him/her at work with a romantic gift basket.