Red Hot Valentine Theme Party

Red is the color of love, of passion and, of course, Valentine's Day! Planning a red theme Valentine's party is fun and simple! It works for a party at home or a larger event at a rental hall, bar or restaurant.

Valentine's Day Invitations

Invite your guests to have a RED HOT evening by sending them a box of Red Hots, of course! You can send it with a personalized Valentine's Day invitation, or print the information on a label and stick it on the back of the box. Mail this in a small mailing box with a little red tissue.

Or let you guests know they are going to be attending a red hot event by sending red ticket invitations in a matching red envelopes.

And don't forget to tell everyone to wear red!

Valentine's Day Decorations and Party Supplies

As your guests arrive, greet the men and ladies with red gangster hats. Trust me, they will wear them all night!

Set the mood for your party with red lighting. You can buy red lightbulbs at many stores. Replace lamp bulbs with red, or, if it's in your budget, hire a lighting company to change ceiling lights to red and to add red spotlights on the walls.

Hang heart whirls around the room for some extra red sparkle.

Another fun look is to fill the ceiling with balloons. Trust me, it looks great! Use lots of red balloons and silver curling ribbon and let them fly! Don't forget the helium tank (or tanks!) to fill the balloons.

You'll also want lots of candles at this party. Use votives on the tables and larger candles throughout the room. You can find candles at local craft stores or specialty candle stores.
Red Valentine's Day Tabletop and Menu
Since everything on your table will be red, I would use a contrasting silver tablecover. Then use these Valentine's Day paper goods or go all red paper goods - plates, cups, napkins - the whole kit and kaboodle! Use the same color if you're using rental linens for a larger event. There are beautiful silver tablecloths and red shiny napkins available. Many rental companies even have red dishes you can rent. Perfect. Use pink lip beads as napkin rings for an added red touch.

I would use red roses for this party! Every florist at Valentine's Day will be ready with red roses in crystal or glass vases. (Just be sure to order ahead of time!) Want to make it more fun? Scatter red glow light cubes in and around the base. They will make the tables glow!

And when you set up the bar, think red again! Serve all your drinks (which should be red!) in red glowing barware. You can get shot glasses, glasses and more all flashing or glowing red. The glowing drink glasses also make a great favor.

Then set up a tempting red candy buffet. A local candy store will have a great assortment of candy for Valentine's Day - all red! You can get red Hershey's kisses, Red Hots, Red M&Ms, Atomic fireballs and more. Use glass jars or plastic candy tubs and metal scoops and display all the candy on a buffet table. Next to the candy jars, have small red plastic bags. If you'd like to get personalized red bags, let us know and we can help! Everyone will love this and the candy bags make a great favor.

Valentine's Day Games and Activities

For a good all ages game, play bingo with candy hearts or Red Hots. Just make bingo cards from pink or red construction paper. You can give out fun prizes to the winners:
Or for amusing an adult crowd, check out our games for couples parties!

valentine's day party favors
Of course, party favors are in order. has great personalized Valentine's Day candy bar wrappers, personalized Valentine's Day mint and candy tins just perfect for this Red Hot theme and personalized lollipops great for your Valentine's Day.  Also, a little bag of candy hearts, chocolates and red roses for the girls are always winners!  Check out our cute custom Valentine's Day Favor Bags.
Have a Red Hot Valentine's Day party!