Quick Valentines Day Decorating Ideas

Whether you're having a party, just decorating your kid's school room or wanting some décor for your office or home, here are some quick ideas from The Party Girl, because I just love Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day Balloons

Decorating with balloons is an easy and economical option. Here are a few tips for decorating with balloons:
  • You should group balloons in odd numbered bunches for the best effect.
  • Put them anywhere and everywhere! The corners of tables, hanging down from light fixtures, outside on your mailbox, or on tables for centerpieces.
  • Use coordinating and colorful ribbon on the balloons, and curl the ends by pulling the ribbon between your thumb and the blade of scissors.
  • If you plan to fill the balloons with helium, you should wait until the day of the party so they look their best.
  • Remember, helium balloons do not do well in heat, so keep helium filled balloons away from heating vents.
When it comes to buying your balloons, your local balloon store has tons of stuff. You wouldn't believe it. Or try a few of our favorites:
You'll get just as good an effect from balloons as you would from a dozen roses for a lot lot less!

Valentine's Day Table Decorations
Making your table look good is the best thing you can do. Use these fun candles, centerpieces, garland (wrap those napkins), confetti and more to make you look like the best hostess of all! Pick a theme and stick with it!  Check out the Valentine's Day decorations section.

Ever thought of using plush for centerpieces and not just gifts for kids? It's a great thing to do if you're having a fundraiser or a big event. Afterward, donate them to a local children's hospital or orphanage.

They have bears and rabbits, lions and tigers, pandas and more all holding "I Love You" hearts. Put them back to back and tie balloons off for a fabulous centerpiece! And a great favor to take home for some lucky person.
Valentine's Day Gifts and Favors
Your local card, balloon or gift store should have plenty to choose from when it comes to gifts and favors. And don't forget a hostess gift! Look for…
  • Favors - Valentine's Day is not just about candy and roses, you know. It's a time to give something fun and/or pretty and nice to your beau or your best friend. Remembering your friends on this day is a great way to let them know they are appreciated. Take a look at these fun favors: from heart beads and champagne flutes to glass hearts and chocolate scented candles, there is something here for everyone.
  • Heart Party Boxes - Decorate them at home and then fill them with chocolate foil hearts, red M&Ms, red hots and more! Tie off with heart ribbon and you have the perfect gift!