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life size love struck cutout
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Valentine's Day Ideas for the Office

Ah, February! What a miserable month. The holidays seem long past (except for the bills). Spring feels too far away. After the Super Bowl not much is going on in sports. Why not brighten up the office with some Valentine’s Day decorations and props? They not only add color to your office but give you a great opportunity to tell employees or clients that YOU LOVE THEM!!

A great way to start is with a lifesize cutout of your boss dressed as a giant Valentine. You can even include a speech bubble of him or her telling the world how much he loves his employees. This can work in your reception area or in your lunch room. Add some heart whirls or heart cutouts and you probably have done enough for your entryway.

Have a Party on Valentine’s Day
You know everybody is bonkers with the mid-winter blues so liven things up with a little Valentine’s Day party on February 14th. I think it’s ok to be hokey (think back to when you celebrated the day in grade school). Keep it simple. Some Valentine's Day paper goods with some cookies and candy (don’t forget to have those candy hearts that are about 7 years old and say “Crazy4U”). Add a few red balloons and maybe confetti, plush bears and you’ve done plenty.

Take the opportunity to thank your employees for their hard work with a personalized Valentine's Day candy bar from our great selection. We can make them with your logo and create a message perfect for your office.

So decorate the office for Lover’s Day. It’s an inexpensive way to add a little bit of frivolity and fun just when the people in your office need it!