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Affair of the Heart

Maybe you have and maybe you don’t have a hunka hunka burnin’ love…but either way, you should still celebrate Valentine’s Day. I have friends, family and even my doggie Russell who I LOVE more than anything in this world. So, why not?
Valentine’s Day is just another good reason to PARTY. Come one, come all. Stag or drag. Open your door, and open your heart with this heart themed party. Easy to do and it comes straight from the heart!

Send Your Valentine's Day Invitation

Creative wording can really make an invitation stand out. Here are a few examples of fun Valentine's Day Invitation Wording:

  • We're having a party in honor of Cupid! Join us for a Valentine's Day Brunch
  • Come have a sweet time at our Valentine's Day Party!
  • You and your Sweetheart are invited to a Valentine's Day Dinner Party
  • Love is so sweet! Join us for Dessert and Coffee to celebrate Valentine’s Day
  • Join us for a Valentine's Day Party where you can eat and drink to your heart's content
  • You'll break our hearts if you don't RSVP by February 1st
Don't forget to send out your invite 6-8 weeks in advance, so guests can mark their calendars for your party!
Decorate Your Home with Hearts
  • Welcome guests with a fun party favor... a red carnation or light up rose for the ladies is always nice. Or hand out something fun, like lip shaped glasses, a red or pink plastic lei, or lip blinkies.
  • Buy several packs of those cheesy Valentines that kids swap in class. Use a hole punch and some red ribbon to make a garland. It will look festive hanging over the party entrance or above the buffet. Or hang this heart tinsel garland to keep decorating easy!
  • Conversation hearts make great confetti, so scatter them on top of your tables!
  • Simple heart cutouts make cute wall decorations. Cut out a few X's and O's too, because hugs and kisses go perfectly with hearts.
  • Red and white heart shaped doilies are available at almost any craft store. They would look very cute on the walls, too.
  • Red roses are perfect for Valentine's Day but they are so pricey at this time of year! Fluffy carnations make great substitutes, and they'll look great paired with red fluffy decorations hanging from the ceiling.
Here are a few more easy and fun heart theme decorations that are perfect for your party:
Set Your Table
Decorate the Bar and Light Up the Drinks
  • Red Glow Bracelets for one and all!
  • Put a heart bowl at the bar and throw in some heart shaped chocolate candies.
  • Cover tables with Red Boas.
  • Upside down Red Felt Top Hats are perfect for snacks, breads and more.
  • Trim your buffet tables and bar with Pink Beads - cheap and easy using straight pins!
Hand Out Favors to Say "Thanks for coming!"
All of this makes One Great Affair of the Heart Valentine's Day Party!