St. Pats Bar and Restaurant Decorating Ideas

It doesn't take much to get Saint Patrick's Day revelers in the mood—and the more they are in the "mood," the more they will eat and drink. You might think it's expensive to decorate your establishment with shamrocks and leprechauns but it really isn't. If I've said it once, I've said it 1,000 times…decorating your guests (in your case, "patrons") is as important as decorating the room!

Promoting the Event
Personalize an invitation with St. Patrick’s Day invitations from If you don’t want to give these out consider using them as table tents to promote the day of blarney as part of your normal promotion package.

Hand out green photo tickets to your patrons during the month leading up to your St. Pat's Day festivities. Put them in mailers, menus and have them out on the bar. You can choose your own wording and let your patrons know they can expect an amazing time at your celebration.

Our St. Patrick’s Day candy bar wrappers are also a great promotional tool. Think about giving these out to your best customers before the big day. Or if you make a habit of giving deserts to guests having a birthday, think about using these to lower costs and promote your St. Patrick’s Day party.

Finally we have added St. Patrick’s Day beer bottle labels you can personalize with your name and logo. What a great way to promote the day or make that St. Pat’s Day libation a little more special. Talk to your local distributor about putting these labels on his product and he may help you out with your promotion.

bar and restaurant decorating ideas

You can buy the usual decorations like St. Patty's day cutouts, and green and gold balloons for bouquets here and there or you can "paint the town green," so to speak, by adding just a few touches, making your competitors green with envy!
Welcome your patrons with a St. Patrick's Day Banner. This is sure to raise the excitement in your establishment.


At the door, I would have a Lucky Leprechaun cutout with a speech bubble welcoming all. Of course, we can customize him so that he's wearing a t-shirt with your restaurant/bar name on the front (reuse him every year…why not?). Next to him in a big basket, I'd have a huge amount of fun (and cheap!) wearables for your guests and staff:


  • green leis
  • shamrock beads
  • green sequin hats
  • shamrock beads

Put green carnations on each table (they won’t be there long). If your wait staff will stand for it, ask them to tie off your napkins with shamrock tinsel garland as a fun touch.

Need more decorating ideas? Don’t forget to decorate your waiters, waitresses, bartenders and other staff.  Beer sunglasses are inexpensive…add a green carnation boutonniere and you’re done! Well…maybe a green boa for the ladies…

Party Items (The Important Part!)
If you want your restaurant/bar to be the only stop for St. Patrick's Day next year, then do it up right this year. Besides the green leis at the door, make sure you make plenty of fun stuff available for anyone and everyone to become the leprechaun they always dreamed they'd be.

All of these items are inexpensive, so they make great hand outs:

  • Green Glow Necklaces
  • Green Lightsticks
  • Kiss Me I'm Irish Pins
  • Beer Mug Blinkies

Okay. That's it for now. Just remember…when marketing your business, you need to spend money to make money. Do some or all of the above, and I promise you a big return on your investment.