Time for a Change: A New Years Eve Theme Party

It’s the New Year and time to celebrate the many changes that are happening this year – new attitudes and new (or recycled) resolutions! So why not have a Time for a Change New Year's Eve party– it’s easy, fun and probably the kind of party your friends have never attended before.

New Year's Eve Party Invitations
A great party begins with a great invitation – it starts generating excitement for your event immediately. And, it doesn’t have to be expensive, especially if you’re creative.

What says change more than a clock! Design your own clock invitation either by cutting one out of colorful construction paper (and writing the information on the back in glitter pen) or finding a graphic online.
A calendar is another way to show the passing of time. Copy the month of December from a favorite calendar and circle December 31. Invite your guests to “Come Change the Page” with you.

If you don’t have “time” to make an invitation, personalized New Year's Eve invitations are the perfect choice.

And one final thought…send a candy watch as an invitation. Write or print out the information on a card and attach it with a colorful ribbon to this timeless treat. Wrap it in tissue paper before putting it in the envelope to guarantee that it doesn’t break. Or, if you’re not having a huge party, hand deliver them.

Whatever type of invitation you decide to use, mail it as early as possible. Remember, this is a busy time of year and people book up early.

New Year's Eve Decorations and Party Supplies
Welcome your guests with a personalized New Year’s banner. Add your own message (Time to party!) to a festive, weather resistant banner (we even have one with a clock on it). It looks great inside or out.

As they walk into the party room, they’ll be delighted with all the New Year’s party supplies. Choose from colorful ceiling danglers, or glittering Happy New Year banners. I recommend going with either a metallic (gold/silver/black) or colorful bright party goods. Picking a color scheme will help tremendously when you are choosing decorations.

Scatter bunches of balloon bouquets in a variety of colors around the room for a celebratory touch. Place them in corners and around doorways. Use them on your tables as centerpieces but place each bouquet in a glass bowl filled with coins. This is after all Time for "Change"!

New Year's Eve Menu and Table Decorations
New Year’s Eve is always a late night party so you may not want to start the festivities until after 9pm. This makes menu planning much easier. Offer heavy hors d’oeuvres and desserts; they can easily be made in advance and will still be tasty at midnight.

Whatever you serve, place it all on fabulous Happy New Year paper goods because New Year’s Eve is not the time to be doing dishes!

Whatever types of beverages you decide to have, serve them in light up glasses that change colors. Or, give your regular glasses a little extra splash with light up ice cubes that will flash to different colors all night long. They’re sure to be a huge hit with your guests.

New Year's Eve Activities

First and foremost, hang a big clock on the wall so everyone can watch as the year changes at midnight. If you prefer to watch it happen on tv, just make or buy (from a school supply store) a big colorful one. It will be a great decoration. Hand out some great noisemakers for everyone to use as they celebrate the New Year:
It’s a night of fun and merriment as you wait for 2012 to change to 2013 and music is key to any party. Create your own cds (don’t forget to include the classic song “Changes” by David Bowie) or just plug in your personal music device and you will have tunes all night long.

Capture the evening forever with great photos of your guests. Consider a New Year's Eve photo op of Father Time or Baby New Year from Party411.com. Your guests will love having their photos taken as these classic characters and if you use a digital camera, you can post them online for everyone to enjoy.

Party games are great for people of any ages. Time honored games like charades are always fun but how about some games about change?

Give your guests pieces of paper and colorful markers and tell them to finish the sentence “I want to change my………in 2013.” Who knows what people will say, my hair color, my job, my relationship with my mother-in-law! Have them post them on the wall and then let everyone guess who wrote it. There are sure to be lots of comments and laughs about them. (You can add another sentence like “The changes I want to see in the world this year are…” a little more serious but you’re sure to get some wonderful answers.
Karaoke is another great activity for a New Year's Eve party. Buy, rent or borrow a karaoke machine and throw in a few songs about time and change for your guests to sing - 
  • The Times They Are A-Changing – Bob Dylan
  • Rock Around the Clock - Bill Haley and His Comets
  • Time After Time - Cyndi Lauper
  • If I Could Turn Back Time - Cher
  • A Change is Gonna Come – Sam Cooke
New Years Party Favors
Just like the year, all parties have to end but send your guests home with a souvenir of a great evening. There are lots of choices but consider some of these:
  • Small calendars either purchased on created by you. What better way to start the New Year than to change your calendar?
  • Inexpensive watches, candy watches (remember the invitations?) even a little “spare change” like new shiny pennies for good luck, are all wonderful party favors.
Don't forget favor bags!  Check out these custom New Year's Eve favor bags.
Not everyone loves change, but with you and Party411.com, this Time for Change will be memorable for everyone!