Pre-Resolution New Year's Eve Bash

We do it every year. Every January 1st we sit down and write a list of resolutions. "I'm going to lose weight." "I'm going to start exercising." "I'm going to read more." We know they never last, but it's a good start to the new year. December 31st is our last chance to really let loose and misbehave before we make those resolutions. So, host a pre-resolution bash and have fun doing all those things you'll swear off tomorrow! (Another name for this party is Drunk and Stupid, but I'll stick with a Pre-Resolution Bash!)

New Year's Eve bash Invitations
Party411 has a great selection of personalized New Year's invitations. Our whimsical ticket invitations are also great fun; it can be the "ticket to misbehave"! Letting people know it's a pre-resolution party will get everyone excited for a fun night of naughty behavior. Here's a fun intro that works for the invitation:
We've got one more night before our resolutions begin!
Come to our Pre-Resolution New Year's Party!

Drinking, Fatty Desserts and Fun!
(you can even gossip about people here!)
Add some festive star confetti to the envelope to get them even more excited about the party.

New Year’s Eve Party Decorations and Party Supplies

People will be acting silly at your party, so get them started by dressing them for New Years Eve! Choose a theme kit that has top hats, tiaras, noisemakers and more. Kits are available in an assortment of sizes so you can make sure there is enough for everyone.

Decorate with traditional New Years Eve party decorations like balloons and custom New Year's Eve banners. You can even leave up your Christmas decorations as long as you tell people you resolve to put it all away tomorrow!

Have some fun themed areas set up as well based around resolutions:
  • In front of your most comfortable couch, have the TV playing exercise DVDs. Hang a big sign on the TV that says, "No Exercising Allowed!". Next to the couch, have chips, pretzels and other snacks on an end table. A mini fridge filled with beer is also a nice touch.
  • People often want to learn something new in the New Year. You want to prevent that! Set up a display with books, cooking equipment, knitting supplies, etc. Then cover it with caution tape and add a sign, "Learn something new tomorrow!
  • Of course, a major resolution for people is to quit smoking. This is one I'm actually a big fan of - I'd love to see everyone quit! Outside you can set up a smoking area for people to enjoy their last cigarettes! (Make sure this area is away from the people who don't smoke and don't want to be near
New Years Tables and Bar
Mix and match New Year's Eve paper goods for the party. (You'll resolve to get organized tomorrow!) Use your Christmas decorations (again) as a centerpiece. Fill an extra large tall vase with ornaments. It's a beautiful look and works with the theme.

You don't have to serve dinner at your Pre-Resolution party. First of all, people will be there until midnight, so starting at dinner time leads to an extra long party. Second, you can just let people know you're resolving to learn how to cook tomorrow! On the other hand, if you do decide to serve dinner, why not get takeout? Serve it all in the takeout boxes and have a sign at this area that says, "I resolve to learn how to cook next year!"

Stock your bar with high calories sodas and lots of alcohol. Since people will be drinking a lot, add some excitement to their drinks by serving them in light up glasses. Then there is always the option of a keg and shots. Heck, it's New Years. And, remember, just because it's New Years doesn't mean people shouldn't be safe. Make sure to have designated drivers!

Go all out with dessert. A chocolate fountain works perfectly for this theme. Have a great assortment of goodies to dip - pretzels, marshmallows, cookies, fruit and more. And, be sure to have lots of chocolate cakes and cookies out for dessert as well. Jars full of candy work as well. A sign by this area can say "Help Yourself! (You can help other people tomorrow)"

Pre-Resolution Activities
Set up a resolutions board at the party. It's pretty simple. Cover a bulletin board with some fun New Years theme wrapping paper. Then set out small squares of paper and pens on a table. Let everyone write down a resolution and put it up on the board (with push pins). Or have them fill out their resolution list and put it in an envelope they address to themselves. You can send it to them in February (with some pictures from the party taken on a personalized camera) and they can have a friendly reminder of their goals.

How about a GUESS MY RESOLUTION game? Everyone writes down a resolution and they are put into a hat (I'd use a top hat, of course). Each person takes one out of the hat and reads the resolution. People then guess who made the resolution. Or you can have people write down who they think wrote the resolution and everyone can hold up their answers. The person who guesses the most correct, wins!

New Year's Party Favors
Your guests will be leaving after midnight, so send them home with a New Years resolution gift bag. Include a bottle of water with a personalized label, an apple and a jump rope.

Don't forget favor bags!  Check out these custom New Year's Eve favor bags.
It will be an evening to remember! Trust me!! Happy New Year!