New Years Eve Party Hats, Noisemakers and Horns.

New Year's Eve party kits are an easy way to decorate your guests! Choose you color scheme and number of guests, and you have everything you need for your friends and family to ring in the New Year in style. Kits include everything from hats and tiaras, to confetti and noisemakers. An easy and economical way to celebrate.
New Year's Party Kits for 100

New Year's Party Kits for 50
New Year's Party Kits for 25

New Year's Party Kits for 10

New Year's Eve Party Kit Tips:
  • When choosing a party kit it usually goes two ways, bright and colorful (for an informal or theme party) or black/white/silver/gold (for a more formal look). You need to decide if your party is more laid-back jello shots and signature drinks, or fancy champagne and glitz.
  • Kits are set up for a certain number of people (10, 25, 50 or 100). It's nice to have a little overflow to give everyone a choice, so on the whole we recommend rounding up ( if you have 40 guests get a kit for 50). But you will have some guests who will not want to use the wearables, so don't stress and buy way over the number of people you expect.
  • These party kits really have all the wearables you need for a New Year's Eve Party. BUT, if you want to supplement with a few more special items, here is what we recommend: