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personalized new years clock invitation

Clock Strikes Midnight

This is, of course, a terrific theme since this is what New Year’s is all about, right? Using clocks as your theme not only allows you to decorate creatively but also allows you to set them ahead—and have people out of the house at midnight, thinking it’s 1 a.m.! Just kidding!

New Year's Eve Party Invitations
We've got a great "As Time Goes By" clock invitation that is perfect for your party because the invitation is complete with a clock striking 12! How fun! Try one of these fun invite ideas, too:
  • Cut black construction paper in circles and draw a clock face on each one with a silver paint marker.  Add your party info on the back, and you have a fun themed invite!
  • If you can't decide, choose from our many New Year's theme invitations.
  • Or go all out with a custom holiday caricature invitation.  Whatever you want, we can do! Have yourself standing under Big Ben when it strikes midnight or even in Time Square when the ball drops!
  • Add a fun noisemaker favor or party horn to each invite and pass them out by hand or mail them in a padded envelope.
  • Whatever you choose, don't forget to add a little black star confetti to each envelope for a surprise!
The invitation wording should be "clock talk," if you know what I mean…
Celebrate with Steve and Marci
As the Clock Strikes Midnight!
Don't miss midnight at 
Will and Rachel's New Year's Party!
"We expect you when the little hand is on the 9
and the big hand is on the 6…"
And so on and so forth. Have fun with it! Add number stickers (1-12), available at any craft store, all over the envelope. (Or look for clock stickers and add those!)

New Year's Decorations and Party Supplies
Welcome guests with a hanging personalized New Year's Eve banner. They are waterproof, so you can hang them outside!

At the door, have a table with nametags if there’s a need. Use these words on the top of the Hello tags: TIME TO GET TO KNOW YOU!

There are tons of clock theme New Year's decorations out there.  Try a few of these:


  • Draw clock faces on black construction paper circles and glue them to the center of silver metallic fans.  Hang these in the corners of your party room for big impact! 
  • A New Year's decorating kit is an easy way to get your venue ready in a snap.
  • Separate spaces at your party with shimmering gold foil curtains
  • Finally, from the ceiling, hang clocks. That’s right! Clocks are so inexpensive today that you can virtually buy alarm clocks and others for $5 and less. I say, put them everywhere… setting them all to Midnight or leave them set correctly and let people watch the clocks get closer to midnight!
Don't have the budget?  Clocks can also be made out of foam core or printed onto card stock. Punch a hole in the top and use fishing wire to string to the ceiling. 
New Year's Table Decorations
Be sure to have plenty of votive candles decorating your tables. Use the numbers 1-12 all over the table as well. Print the numbers out on clock faces as table tents, so guests know where to go before the evening starts.  Try a few of these other table decorating tips, too:
  • Use New Year's Eve paper goods and you won't have to do the dishes. Sounds good to me. (If you're hosting this party for a larger group at an event facility, make sure to use real china.) 
  • Mini top hats are perfect at each place setting!  Place a seating card on the brim of each hat so guests know where to sit. 
  • Scatter black star confetti on each table to finish off the look. 
Don't forget to tie toy watches around the napkins (a great favor available at any toy store) with silverware inside. 

New Years Games
Since this party focuses so much on midnight, you'll want to really go all out for your countdown: 
  • Choose a fun New Year's party kit with top hats, tiaras and noisemakers. These can be passed out at the beginning of the party or right before midnight.
  • Pour champagne just before midnight to get people excited and ready for the big countdown.
  • Your guests will never forget a balloon drop at the clock strikes 12!  Perfect for pictures, too. 
  • Family and friends will love having their picture taken as the New Year's Baby with out New Year's Baby Photo Op
Check out our New Year's game section for more fabulously fun games and activities!

New Years Eve Party Favors
Send your guests home with a fun favor to help them remember the "time of their life!"
Hand out fun custom New Year's favor bags, so guests have a place to put all their goodies!
Happy New Year from The Party Girl!