Pirate Halloween

Party411.com offers a variety of personalized products great for your pirate halloween party. Come prepared or be prepared to walk the plank!

15" Bloody Stand-Up Candle

Give your table some macabre ambiance with a bloody candle.

Price $3.99

20" Parrot Assorted

Whether you are a pirate heading toward the high seas, or going to a luau party, this shoulder parrot is a necessity!

Price $8.99

Beware Of Pirates 3-D Art-Form Yard Sign

Perfect for your pirate party!

Price $4.99

Beware of Pirates Party Tape - 20'

Take Heed Landlubbers!

Price $1.99

Beware!! Enter If You Dare! 7' Banner

Enter If You Dare! 7' Banner is made of dirty tattered gauze and appears to be written in blood!

Price $9.99

Fun Invites Bottle Invitations (6 count)

A six pack of fun!

Price $12.99

Gory Pirate Chest with Bloody Hand

Great prop to scare your friends with!

Price $12.99

Jeweled Eyes Skull Keychains (12 count)

This guy is looking for the rest of his body!

Price $3.99

Lighted Groundbreaker Skeleton Body Parts

This guy got so excited ... he went to pieces!!

Price $39.99

Pirate Beer Mug

You'll go yo-ho-ho over this mug!

Price $4.99

Pirate Cascade Hanging Column

No need for a treasure map to find this booty, its hanging right here!

Price $3.99

Pirate Female Cutout

She rules the seven seas and any pirate's heart.

Price $87.95

Pirate Party Invitation

Boy's birthday party invitations with a pirate theme will help your party cast off!

Price $1.85

Pirate Sword & Skull Sheath Adult

This Sharp Sword is only for the Bravest of Buccaneers!

Price $14.99

Pirate Telescopes (4 count)

I see a treasure!

Price $2.99

Pirate Theme Banner

Aye, aye matey, the party is this way!

Price $24.99

Pirate Theme Beer Bottle Label

Aye Aye a delicious Pirate party favor

Price $1.75

Pirate Theme Candy Bar Wrapper

Aye, aye matey. It was a great party!

Price $1.35

Pirate Theme Custom Lollipop

A fun pirate theme lollipop favor

Price $2.50

Pirate Theme Cutout

Ok, you brigand it's time to lead your crew into a great time.

Price $87.95

Pirate Theme Water Bottle Label

A great pirate party water bottle

Price $1.20

Satin Pirate Vest

This vest is black with skull print and white trim.

Price $7.99

Skull and Cross Bones Shaped Jumbo 32" Foil Balloon

Look out...someone's watching you!

Price $6.99