Kids Halloween Mad Scientist Lab Ideas

Mad Scientist Laboratory Halloween Ideas

It’s Aliiiiiiiivvveeeee! Mwahahahaha! Your party, that is. To throw a Halloween party that’s “alive” with guests and fun, choose a Spooky Lab theme. You’re guaranteed to have a Halloween bash that’s crawling with mad scientists and lab engineered monsters, not to mention kids and adults who are having a great time!

Check out all of our party tips and tricks below (including invites, menu ideas, and more) for your Spooky Lab Spectacular as well as my Mad Scientist Lab Theme Party Table for decorating ideas!
spooky lab halloween invitations 
Start your Spooky Lab party off right by sending out the perfect invitation! With it's very own laboratory monster, our Halloween Lab Invitation is a creepy choice.  Plus, the bright blue, yellow, and green color scheme is a fun alternative to the traditional black and orange. Try a few of these other ideas to make a big impact with guests before the party even starts:
  • Send our Halloween Lab Invitation rolled up in a test tube along with green and blue confetti. Mail the invitations in small boxes or hand deliver! 
  • Download and print our free mad scientist lab coat invitation wrap.  It fits our 5x7 Halloween Lab Invitation perfectly and matches the color scheme, too!
  • Cut card stock to look like a science beaker, and write your party information on the front.
  • If hosting a kids' Halloween party, mail a plastic test tube filled with green DIY slime (don't forget to include the recipe) along with each invite.   They'll love the gooey, science theme favor, and they'll be excited to attend!
  • Go all out with a Custom Halloween Caricature Invitation!  You can design your own - a fun idea would be to have a family of Frankensteins inviting guests for a spooky time, or a mad scientist (the wife) working on her laboratory monster (her husband) in her fully equipped lab!
After choosing one of our many Halloween Invitations, make sure you get the wording just right.  Plus, don't forget to let your guests know to arrive in costume. (You are dressing up, right? Right?) Try one of these fun wording options for a Spooky Lab theme:
Join Matt and Sarah
For an Explosive Time
At Their Spooky Lab Halloween Party! 
We're mixing up something special
In the Millers' Halloween Laboratory! 
Drip, Drop, Goop, and Slime!
Be a Mad Scientist
And Have a Great Time
At John and Amy's Spooky Lab Party!
Don't forget to send your invites out 6-8 weeks in advance!  Halloween is a busy time of the year, and you want guests to RSVP early for your awesome lab theme party.
spooky lab theme party decorations and supplies
Before even stepping through the front door, make sure your yard is transformed into the perfect creepy lab.  Follow these easy tips and tricks to make your party entrance a hit:
  • Cover a  table in a white table cover and make a "lab".
  • Scatter beakers, graduated cylinders, and test tubes with colored water and scatter them haphazardly along the table.  To create smoke coming from your "experiments", just drop in chunks of dry ice before guests arrive.
  • Don't forget your brain in a jar!  Fill a large clear jar with green colored water, and add a green cabbage that has been slightly disassembled and torn up to look like a brain.  Add green glow sticks to the jar for an eerie look.
  • String stretchy webs and plastic spiders along windows, bushes and your lab table. Every good mad scientist's lab is a little decrepit! These stretchable green spider webs will give your yard an spooky glow. Make sure to include a strobe or black light to set the mood, too.
  • Every spooky lab needs a monster.  With a Frankenstein Photo Cutout, that monster can be you!  Place your cutout near the door or behind your lab table for a surprise.
  • Finish your outdoor look with a custom Haunted Lab Theme Banner. It not only matches the yellow, green, and blue color scheme but coordinates with all of our other Halloween Spooky Lab Invitations and Party Favors, too!
You'll have fun turning your home into a spooky laboratory, too!  From decorating your guests to your spooky buffet, we have all the ideas you need:
  • Greet your guests at the door dressed as a Mad Scientist.  With a crazy wig, goggles, and long black gloves, they'll love your die-hard commitment to the spooky lab theme!
  • Don't forget to dress up your guests, too! Hang these white lab coats on a rack near your entrance, and guests can transform themselves into mad scientists as they walk in.  (If you're providing costumes for your family and friends, make sure to let them know on your invite beforehand.)
  • For your sign-in table, creep guests out with jars filled with fake bloody body parts.  Surround with beakers fill with colored water and bubbling dry ice.
  • As a guest book, frame one of your Halloween Lab Invitations.  Have family and friends sign the mat with coordinating green and blue permanent markers.
  • Turn your guests into monsters with a Frankenstein Halloween Party Photo Op. They'll love taking turns posing as everyone's favorite green terror! 
  • Make sure to hang stretchy green spider webs in ceiling corners, around a chandelier, or along a mantle.   Add a black light to each room to make these eerie webs glow along with the white lab coats of all your mad scientist guests.
  • This stone wall scene setter is an easy way to turn your space into a castle dungeon lab.  (Young Frankenstein, anyone?) 
  • Your living room mantle can be the decorating focus of your spooky lab party by hanging a few DIY Halloween Chains. (Every lab created monster needs to be chained, right?) Add spider webs, glass beakers, and test tubes along the mantle to finish off the creepy look. (Check out my Spooky Halloween Mantle for inspiration!)  
  • If you have a fireplace, put a black cauldron filled with dry ice and water into the space. Everyone will love the smoke and bubbles!
  • Light up your lab with these Lumi-Loon Balloons!  Make bouquets of green, blue, and yellow balloons and attach them to green balloon weights.  Place the bouquets on the buffet table, at your entrance, and throughout your venue.
Put the decorating candle on the cake with a surprise appearance by Frankenstein and his beautiful bride.  Family and friends will love getting their picture taken with this monstrous duo!
spooky lab theme table decorations and menu
Decorating your spooky lab tables is a snap!  Try a few of these easy tips to make your tables a hit with family and friends:
  • Match the theme's colors by decorating tables with bright yellow, blue, and green table covers.  
  • Want to make your tables a little creepy?  Add a bloody gauze table cover over white or red tablecloths for an unforgettable look.
  • For centerpieces, collect a variety of scientific glassware - flasks, beakers, test tubes, and graduated cylinders are great!  Fill them with colored water, add dry ice and scatter them across tables as eccentric, mad scientist decorations.
  • You can also keep your centerpieces simple with these Fiber Optic LED Centerpieces.  Guests will love the spooky glow!  Add stretchy spider webs and plastic spiders to the base to finish off the look.
  • Make your centerpiece edible with this bright three tiered cupcake tray in the theme's colors! Add some homemade brain cupcakes, too. Every mad scientist needs a few of those around the lab!
  • Make balloon bouquets and add a few blown up latex gloves to each.  Kids will love this mad scientist touch!
  • Scatter some cemetery table sprinkles around each of your centerpieces as well to complete your spooky table decor. 
Keep the mad scientists and monsters at your lab party fed as well as entertained. Serve up a few of these spooky theme treats:
  • Frankenstein Pudding Desserts: Easy-to-make and delicious. Plus, this goody pays homage to everyone's favorite lab created monster. 
  • Petri Dish Jello:  Make green or blue Jello in petri dishes and add sprinkles (little bacteria) and gummy worms. Themed and yummy!
  • Mad Scientist Candy Buffet: Have family and friends fill a Halloween Lab Party Favor Bag with a variety of treats! Gummy worms, brains, rock candy, and pop rocks all fit the theme along with our Halloween Lab Lollipops.  Check out my Halloween Lab Candy Buffet for more inspiration.
  • Lab Created Cupcakes:  Have guests create their own lab cupcakes!  Provide different colored frosting (blue, green, and yellow theme colors, of course!) and fun spooky toppings; try crushed Oreos, gummy worms, Halloween sprinkles, marshmallows, and eyeball gumballs. 
  • Halloween Lab Water: These Halloween Lab Water Bottle Labels will dress up your table and match our other Halloween lab party supplies, too.
spooky lab theme activities and games
A mad scientist theme is perfect for kids, so make sure your littlest guests are entertained with fun mad scientist experiments!  One or two of these fun activities should keep them entertained for most of the party:
  • DIY Green Slime: Make your own stretchy green slime with a few simple ingredients from the grocery store (glue and Borax).  Have guests take their slime home in a plastic test tube as a favor! 
  • Underwater Fireworks: Another easy activity!  These slow motion fireworks are perfect for pictures.  
  • Atom Building:  Have the kids build "atom structures" with gum drops and toothpicks.  Yummy and fun! 
  • Bubbling Beakers: Guests can mix vinegar and baking soda in scientific glassware to create an explosive experiment (add food coloring to the vinegar)! Make sure to perform this experiment on cookie sheets or outside to limit cleanup.
  • Eyeball Pinata: Finish off the party by breaking open an spooky pinata!  Fill with all sorts of science theme goodies, like rock candy, pop rocks, and zotz fizz candy.
Another easy way to keep guests entertained (and in costume!) throughout the party is with fun green glow necklaces, glasses, and bracelets.  Plus, family and friends can take them home at the end of the night as favors!
spooky lab theme party favors 
Have family and friends fill Halloween Lab Party Favor Bags with a variety of fun mad scientist theme goodies:
  • Sticky eyeballs and brains are perfect for young mad scientists looking to create their very first lab monster!
  • Leave a personalized thank you for family and friends with a Halloween Lab Theme Candy Bar Wrapper
  • A Halloween Lab Lollipop is a colorful treat that will surprise all the monsters at your party.  Take a look at this great Mad Scientist Lollipop Display for some ideas!
  • Fill test tubes with blue and green M&Ms or Skittles and tie with a cute biohazard tag. (The download is free from Living Locurto!)
  • A pair of science goggles would be a great favor for any young budding scientists.  Add a note to each pair that says, "It was great to see you at our mad scientist party!" 
Enjoy planning your Spooky Lab Party, and Happy Halloween from everyone here at!