Costume Idea Contest

2008 Halloween Costume Idea Contest (closed)Tired of cutting eye-holes in an old sheet? Get a look at these great costume ideas that were entered in our Party411 Halloween Costume Contest. The winners listed on this page received:

An all expense paid "drive away" trip to the city of their choice (some restrictions apply), including three days and two nights at a four or five-star hotel, breakfast, other amenities, and $200 in spending money.

Ten runners-up received a set of Devil's Dentures™. This fabulous "Halloween" treat is a full set of chocolate teeth, the ghoulish kind--green teeth with black gums--filled with mouth-watering milk chocolate in a clear plastic jar.

Halloween Costume Ideas
Grand Prize Winner
"A great outfit for a couple: Woman wears the top half of a military camouflage outfit (with leggings on beneath), while man wears the lower half of uniform. They go as AN UPPER & LOWER G.I.! (Cost: Free, if you know someone in the military, or about $15 at a military surplus store) One of you can "accessorize" with a cheap stethoscope around your neck (plastic; available for about $6 at a novelty shop) "
-- submitted by Carol Nicotera-Ward of Alexandria, VA.
And a reply from Carol: Indeed I DID have a terrific Halloween. My husband & I used two ideas that we saw on Party411 -- I went as a movie-theater floor & he went as a basket of laundry, both a BIG HIT! -- and winning your contest has only made it better!"

Runners-Up Winners
"Static Cling--Dress in all black (pants and turtleneck) and safety pin socks, bras, underwear, etc. all over yourself. It's free!"
-- submitted by Jen of San Francisco.
"Go as a guy walking on a windy day. First, wear an old shirt and pants, and a suit jacket and wingtips if you want. The nerdier you look, the funnier the costume will be. Slick your hair to one side with mousse and/or serious hair gel. Stick a piece of wire in a tie and bend it so it is pointing the same direction as your hair. Tape pieces of newspaper to the other side of your body that got stuck when the "wind" kicked up, and you're ready to go! Cost - 0$ - 10$ as long as you buy the clothes at a secondhand store. Of course, women can be the "Windy Day Guy" also!"
-- submitted by Alison DeLuca of Evanston, IL.

"Go naked in a clear plastic trash bag! Be an EMBRYO!!"
-- submitted by Peggy of San Diego.

"Dress in an all pink or purple outfit (Reg. or Grape) & then tie an old shoe on your head - Ta Da !! Your a piece of gum stuck on the bottom off a shoe."
-- submitted by Pat Griffin of Apex, NC.

"A woman friend of mine had a hilarious costume last year...she was a road sign. She dressed in warm-ups/t-shirt...drew markings that indicated a road...and posted various signs on her different body parts. Two that I can remember vividly: On her lower front she had a "Visitors Parking Only" sign with an arrow pointing down; and on her back side a "Do Not Enter" sign with an arrow pointing down. Be creative with other signs describing YOUR body parts."
-- submitted by Dennis Paine of Holland, MI.

" This one is kind of gross (and maybe a bit mean), but I did get a lot of laughs out of it. Take an old white T-Shirt , lay it out in front of your car and run over it. Do the same with any old pair of shorts, jeans, or pants. These should all be old clothes that you obviously really don't care about if they get messed up. Make sure you run over them well enough as to see visible tire tracks. Then go to any costume store and buy the ears and tail of any animal of your choice. This will cost, maybe, $5. While you're there get some fake blood. Drip the blood all over yourself and your clothes. You are Road Kill."
-- submitted by Tina Rossini of Chicago.

"This costume idea is really only for the couple planning on attending a party together. Go as a plug and receptacle, with the male being the...well, you know. Everything can be bought very cheaply at a hardware store. The tricky part is the wiring..just find someone who knows electronics. The plug can be a giant paper-mache plug that sticks out of the person's stomach or chest or where ever. Inside one of the two prongs can be the real plug. The partner wears a giant receptacle, with a real receptacle in one of the holes...that person also wears a light-bulb on top of their head, fastened on a hat. The wires can be run under the desired clothes...I suggest black. Now, when the couple hugs, the light bulb lights up. Now how many costumes have special effects?"
-- submitted by Jordan Monsell of Kent, CT.

"Here is one for the sickly demented. Make a set of bicycle handles bars (I'm sure you can imagine how to do this). Attach a bunch of tampons to your clothing. A little bit of red food coloring. And are a Menstrual Cycle. :)"
-- submitted by rca of Houston, TX.

"Laundry basket Wear a sweat suit with socks pinned all over it, and cut a hole in the bottom of a laundry basket. Use suspenders to hold it on you. Save old detergent, Clorox, or bounce boxes and hang them from the side of the basket. You can also rub a balloon all over your hair to give the static cling effect. It's cheap and easy. Laundry baskets are $3.00 @ Target and everything else is stuff you have in the house!"
-- submitted by Lori Schuler of Union, Ky.

"Last minute idea: Find the most wrinkled pants and shirt you have. Iron the left side of each. comb or gel you hair on only the left side of your head, If you are male shave only the left side of you face. Leave you right shoe untied. Go as someone with Hemi-neglect disorder (Real condition where you neglect one side of your spatial environment) I had people in splits when I did this because I only talked to the left side of people and only ate food on the left side of my plate etc. COST $0.00 "
-- submitted by Danny Thomas of Chicago.

Honorable Mention

"Go as "White Trash" !!! Wear all white and pin white trash bags to your self along with banana peels burrito wrappers, any kind of trash!"
-- submitted by Jodi David of Lompoc, CA.

"This is a cute costume and really great for outdoor parties! First, get a pink or off white one-piece pajamas, found at Victoria's Secret, under $15, then buy 8 baby bottle nipples, found at most Target's or K-mart, under $5 for package of 6 or 8. Then you can either buy or make some pig ears, if you buy them, you can find them at any Halloween costume center, under$5. Cut little holes in the front of the pajamas and glue the nipples from the inside pointing out, so that from the outside of the pajamas, you see the nipples sticking out. Put the pig ears on your head and TADA! Your a mama pig!!!"
-- submitted by Gina Dellamora of Berkeley, California.