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Snowflake theme invitation
irridescent snow confetti
iridescent snow confetti
white twinkle lights
white twinkle lights
snowflake balloons
snowflake balloons
Snowflake linky mylar balloon
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Winter Wonderland Holiday Party

No one ever tires of the beauty and sparkle of winter. If you’re planning a gathering for family and friends a Christmas Winter Wonderland offers all the joys of the season.

Winter Wonderland Party Invitations
There are as many invitation possibilities to a Winter Wonderland party as there are snowflakes!
You can add a little winter sparkle to the invitation by throwing in a pinch of iridescent snow into the envelope. 

Like to design your own invitations? Cut out snowflakes (ask a young friend if you forgot how to do it), decorate with silver and gold glitter pens and write the party details on the back. This is one invitation that will still be hanging up long after the party’s over.

Another creative way to make a handmade invitation is to take a picture of your family doing something in the snow (making snowmen, creating snow angels, catching snowflakes on your tongue) and attach a copy of the picture to a piece of heavy cardstock. Write a message underneath your picture "Come join the Smith Family in this Winter Wonderland", and you can write out the party details on the back.

Winter Wonderland Party Decorations and Party Supplies
There are so many great choices for decorations and party supplies for Winter Wonderland that the hard part is picking the right ones for your event.
  • Use winter colors - White, silver and light blue are the perfect colors for this party, so use them for all of your decorations and party supplies. Cover tables with blue plastic tablecloths and sprinkle snowflake confetti across the top.
  • Balloons - The best bang for your buck. Make bouquets with an odd number of balloons (it looks better) and use inexpensive snowglobes or weighed down mittens as balloon weights!
    • Snowflake Latex Balloons - These are wonderful for making bouquets for around the party room
    • Snowflake Linky Balloons - Link these great Mylar balloons together to make a wonderful arch for your entrance or for over the buffet!
  • Banners - You can go with a custom winter theme banner that has a personalized message. Have your message say something like "Happy Holidays from the Smith Family", and you can leave it up all season.
  • Lights - Hang a few strings of blinking, twinkling white lights around the party space and dim the overhead lights a bit to give the room a winter glow.
  • No Melt Snowballs - Create decorative snowballs that won't melt inside. Purchase Styrofoam balls and white glitter from the craft store. Brush the Styrofoam with a liberal amount of clear or white glue, and roll the ball in the glitter. Let it dry overnight. Pile the snowballs in glass bowls or plastic pails for a fun and inexpensive decoration!
  • Spray snow - if your party room or break room has any glass surfaces decorate them with a can of spray snow. It will make everyone feel festive, and you can write out a holiday greeting or even make a snowman!  
  • Winter Photo Op - Set up an area where everyone can take a fun holiday photo! You can use a Snowman Photo Op, or set up a backdrop with a winter scene setters and give everyone hats, scarves and mittens to wear in the pictures.
  • Winter Balloon Tree - Add this dramatic decoration to your party to wow your guests! You can use them to flank an entrance or to create a stunning focal point.
  • The Smells of Winter - Pine, peppermint or spice scented candles will make the room smell as well as look like winter, so place them liberally around the room.
Winter Wonderland table and menu
Make sure that as your guests prepare to eat, that your tables look as inviting as your food. Whether you choose to serve delicious appetizers and scrumptious desserts or a full meal of comfort food, your centerpieces and paper products should match the Winter Wonderland theme. It's easy to decorate the tables and the buffet with these winter theme table decorations
Sprinkle snowflake confetti on the table for a little extra decoration. Catering to a younger crowd? Think about scattering temporary tattoos in winter designs on the tables as well. The kids will have a great time decorating themselves.
Here are a few ideas for your menu:
  • Raw bar with oysters
  • Cheese and crackers (white cheeses of course)
  • Fettuccine Alfredo
  • White pizza
  • White bean soup
  • White chocolate fondue
  • Cupcakes with white icing
  • Cheesecake
  • White chocolate pretzels
  • Mini white powdered donuts
  • Anything with flaked coconut
  • Egg nog
  • Hot buttered rum with whipped cream
  • Champagne
You can make silverware bundles (great if you are having a buffet) by wrapping silverware in napkins and then tying them off with blue or white ribbon. Speaking of buffets, if you are having one make sure to decorate that as well. A balloon bouquet or two will do the trick!

Winter Wonderland Party Favors
There is so much shopping for the holidays that your guests will be thrilled to leave your party with their own presents. Favors are perfect for saying "Thank you for coming". 
  • A box of Sno-Caps candy
  • Popcorn balls
  • Winter Theme Candy Bar -  Set one at every place setting, or have them by the door for guests to grab on the way out. Additionally, set out single serving sized bottles of milk or bottled water to go with the chocolate.
  • Chapstick (the cure for those chapped winter lips) 
  • Car Ice Scraper - Add a tag that reads "It was so ICE of you to party with us!"
  • Personalized Mint Tins you can personalize it with your own wording and candy choice!
Tie a tag on the favor that says "Thanks for coming to frolic and play in this Winter Wonderland!"
Have a wonderful time in your winter wonderland, and a have a Merry Christmas!