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white twinkle lights
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snowflake window clings
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snowflake balloons

Frosty the Snowman Theme Party

Nothing says winter like Frosty the Snowman! This winter wonder-man is a favorite for kids of all ages so it’s the perfect theme for a holiday party. Whether you’re decorating an office, school or even your own home, a Frosty the Snowman theme works anytime there’s snow on the ground (and for some of us that’s from October until April!). Frosty the Snowman makes a great party theme because you have so many decorating choices. Depending on your guest list, choose the decorations and party favors that work best for you.

Snowman Holiday Invitations
The best parties start with a fabulous invitation! Your guests will know they’re in for an incredible party when they receive a personalized snowman invitation from You can create additional excitement for your winter party by adding fun elements in with the invite.

Add to each invitation a piece of a snowman (cut from construction paper) – a carrot nose for one, a scarf for someone else. Have everyone bring the piece to the party and create your own snowman wall decoration. It’s sure to be a great icebreaker! Then all you have to do is add a little snowflake confetti to the envelope and you have the perfect Frosty the Snowman party invitation!

Want to get the kids involved? Have them cut out and decorate snowmen with markers and glitter. Write the party information on the back with silver pen. You can even punch a hole in the top and add a little string to make it an ornament. Forget putting party invitations on the fridge, your guests can hang them on the tree instead!

If you plan on having any outdoor activities (snowman building contest, snowball fight, etc.) let your guest know to bring an extra set of warm clothes so they can be prepared. Nothing is worse than being excluded from the snow fort because you wore your pumps instead of your snowshoes.

Snowman Decorations
If only mother nature would cooperate, you could fill your yard with snow people to welcome your guests. But since you can’t always count on the weather to cooperate, how about a life sized personalized snowman to greet your guests? It will be a wonderful addition to your holiday decorations.

If you are lucky enough to have a good snow before your party, go outside and make a few snowmen, this is a Frosty theme party after all! No snow? No problem, just set up a snowflake machine near your front door. Even if you can't produce a snowstorm, you can at least have some pretty snow flurries to get everyone in the mood!

White twinkling lights are perfect for your shrubs, trees, railings, and fence.

If you want, have kids make paper snowmen for the windows as an extra decoration. Have them cut out paper snowflakes for the windows as well, or use snowflake window clings to brighten and decorate your windows and mirrors.

How fun will it be for your guests to enter the party and see a smiling Mr. Snowman in the entryway? Place colorful pens in a basket by his side and he becomes a sign in board for your guests.

The party scene is set when you decorate with winter scene setters. Start with a snow flurries room setter as a base, and then add a polar party scene setter to make a cute winter backdrop of penguins and a polar bear building snowmen!

Want another photo opportunity? Take photos of your guests as a snowman. This will provide hours of fun for all ages and you’ll enjoy having this whimsical cutout around even after the party is over.

Snowman Paper table and menu
The party room looks great, holiday music is playing in the background and now it’s time to eat! A Frosty the Snowman party offers so many food choices. If you’re having a dessert party, serve wonderful snowman sugar cookies and delicious pastries. Steaming mugs of hot chocolate with marshmallows of course, and flavored coffees and teas will take the chill out of even the coldest day or night.

A simple dinner party could include spicy chili, delicious green salad, crunchy bread and tasty desserts. Or, keep it simple with small turkey, roast beef and grilled vegetable sandwiches. Whatever your menu, serve it on snow paper goods.

Make your tables look even special with great centerpieces! Snowflake balloons mixed in with colorful metallic balloons are always fun. Sprinkle the table with snowflake confetti.

Christmas Party Entertainment
Holiday parties are a wonderful opportunity for friends and family to gather and just talk and be together. But if you think your crowd needs a little bit more entertainment, why not take everyone outside for a snowman building contest (weather permitting of course)? Be ready for a snowball fight which is sure to follow!


Christmas Party Favors



Unfortunately, all good parties must come to an end. Make your guests departure a little sweeter with a delicious milk or dark chocolate candy bar wrapped with a personalized winter candy bar wrapper which includes your holiday wishes; everyone will love this party favor. With help from rest assured that the memories of your party anything but “frosty!”
Happy Holidays!