Quick and Easy Santa Party Ideas

What says Christmas better than HO HO HO?! Nothing. Nada. Not a thing. So a HO! HO! HO! party would be perfect, no? Try this quick and easy Santa theme party.
1. Decide what type of Santa party to have. Here are a few fun ideas - 
Secret Santa Party - As host, set the price range for gifts, typically $10 - $20. Decide whether guests know the name of the person who will receive their gift, or whether gifting will be anonymous. White Elephant gift exchanges, where everyone brings something tacky from their attics or basements, or something bizarre/tacky/odd, are also very fun!
Brunch with Santa - Everyone is competing for the Friday and Saturday nights in December. Why not have your party earlier in the day? Have your guests wear Christmas pajamas!
Dirty Santa Party -Similar to a gift exchange, but you play a game where you "steal" presents from each other.  Here are the rules to Dirty Santa.
Santa Open House - An open house is all about opening your doors for a few hours and accepting the fact that some guests will come and go. Serve appetizers and desserts and let everyone socialize!

2. Send Your Santa Theme Party Invitation

  • What else but an inexpensive Santa hat with a invitation inside telling your friends they must wear the hat, decorate it if they choose, etc., to get in the door. They are inexpensive, fun and mail easily in a large envelope. I love it.
  • Personalize Your Party! Of course, you can use a great Personalized Christmas Invitation from Party411.
Choose some fun wording for your invitation that is all about Santa:
  • Help us wait up for Santa at our Annual Christmas Eve Cookie Exchange!
  • Join us friends for far and near, Santa Claus is almost here! We'll raise a glass and make a toast, and see who Santa loves the most!
  • Santa Claus is on his way... and we are ready to  Par-tay!
  • Join us for a Jolly Christmas Eve Dinner

3. Decorate Your Home - Santa theme decorations

  • Put a sign or personalized banner near the front door that says “Welcome to Santa’s Workshop.”  You can add  North Pole signs around the room too.
  • Wrap empty cardboard boxes and pile them in corners. Set out children's toys around the room for a toy workshop atmosphere.
  • If you have the wall space, think about a Christmas scene setter (aka holiday mural)…too cool. We have a lot to choose from, but I love the “Deck the Walls” Scene Setter that looks like a brick chimney, especially if you attach a picture at the top of you trying to climb down!
  • Here are a few fun Santa party decorations:
    • Santa Mylar Balloon
    • Christmas Santa Dangles
    • Santa Welcome Doorcover
    • Santa Party Lantern
  • Personalize Your Party! What better way to great your guests than with a life-sized cutout of you as a Sexy Santa Helper, Santa or Mrs. Claus?

4. Ho ho ho! Santa themed table decorations and menu

  • Make construction paper napkin rings that look like Santa's belt (black for the belt, silver or yellow for the buckle). Wrap white plastic cutlery with a red napkin and secure with a "belt" for cute silverware bundles!
  • Santa loves cookies, right? So will your guests! Use sugar cookies with your guests names written on them as place cards!
  • Keep with the cookie theme and offer a cookies and milk dessert bar! Set out plates of Christmas cookies (5-7 different kinds) and milk (white, chocolate and strawberry). Offer hot chocolate and coffee as well.
  • Add a few fun Santa theme party supplies to your table and bar to pull the theme together:
    • Ho Ho Ho Napkins
    • Santa Claus Serving Tray
  • Personalize Your Party! At each place, put one of our holiday Personalized Christmas Candy Bars, a great favor and dessert all in one!

5. Set up some fun Christmas Activities

  • Busy Elves - Buy DIY toy kits from the craft store for kids to work on at the party. Plain wood toys or ornaments that kids can paint are another fun option.
  • Cookie Decorating - Let everyone decorate sugar cookies for Santa (and a few for themselves too!)
  • Have a holiday movie viewing! Here are a few that star our favorite man in red:
    • Miracle on 34th Street - The classic feel good Santa movie!
    • The Santa Clause - Funny! When Santa falls off his roof, a harried ad exec (Tim Allen) is required to take the job.
    • The Polar Express - Great for kids and adults
    • The Christmas That Almost Wasn't - An attorney tries to stop an old miser from evicting Santa Claus and confiscating his toys.
    • Ernest Saves Christmas - One of the best Ernest movies IMO. Campy and fun!
    • Santa Claus Conquers the Martians - Honestly, this movie is terrible. But terribly fun to watch too :)
    • Bad Santa - Very dark comedy, might be fun for a group of (adult) friends.
  • Personalize Your Party! Or you can use one of our Christmas Photo Ops turning your guests into an elf, Santa, or even a Christmas bulb and more. Ho ho ho!

6. Hand Out Favors to Say "Thanks for coming!"

  • Want a fun favor that everyone will enjoy? Hand out fun Christmas hats, everyone will love them!
  • A mini red stockings filled with holiday cookies—make them yourself or buy them…no one will know.
  • Personalize Your Party! And, send them on their way with a bottle of water with a Personalized Christmas Water Bottle Label.