Christmas in Candyland

Goody Gumdrops! It's Christmas time again! Celebrate Christmas with a Candyland theme party sure to bring a smile to all your guests!

Candyland Invitations
Invite your family and friends to the sweetest Christmas party of the year with a personalized Candyland theme invitation from Attach a large colorful lollipop or a small bag of candy and mail it in a box and make it extra special. If you've got an extra Candyland game, take out the playing cards from the box and add 3 or 4 to each envelope. Make sure everyone gets one of the special cards, like the ones with lollipops or gumdrops.

Another great idea is a personalized Candyland theme semi-custom caricature invitation with the hostess' face added on Princess Frostine. Name it Christmasland or use your name as the name of the game.

Get the Kids Involved: Let the kids decorate small cutouts of gingerbread men to include in the invitations as fun confetti. Or make them the invitations by adding all of the party information to the back of the gingerbread man cutouts.

Candyland Theme Decorations and Party Supplies
Start your decorations from the moment your guests arrive. Line the walkway with a peppermint drop walkway. It comes complete with six 3' candy canes and printed peppermint drop disks. Too cute! And, on either side of the front walk, have candy canes. They are prefect for Candyland!

Inside, hang a personalized Candyland theme banner telling them how glad you are that they made it through the Molasses Swamp.

A cool decoration to have at the party entrance is a giant colorful balloon lollipop or even a balloon lollipop bouquet. Use a round Mylar balloon and wrap it in cellophane for the top of your lollipop and attach the balloon to a cardboard tube!

Decorate the entry (or other areas of your party) with Candyland character cutouts! 4 characters are available and your hostess can even be the Candyland princess, a king, a queen or even Mr. Mint. Add a speech bubble welcoming everyone and wishing them a Merry Christmas.

For a really creative way to welcome your guests, write a poem on a large piece of poster board that uses the names of different places on the Candyland board throughout the poem. Place the actual candies in place of the words for a cute sign to invite your guests into the party in a very sweet way.

Greet guests with a cup of hot chocolate or eggnog, complete with a candy cane for stirring. It's a yummy start to your party.

It's holiday time, so you're definitely going to want to take lots of pictures. So, set up a gingerbread house and take pictures of your guests standing in this candy wonderland!

Candyland Theme Table decorations and menu
Want a great centerpiece? Design a candy and chocolate "cake". Use larger candy bars around the side of a stack of round Styrofoam disks. Add a slew of candy on the top. You can even add balloons on the top. Scatter miniature wrapped candies around the base as confetti, and if you want to add a special touch, tie candy theme balloons in bouquets to your cake. Of course, it's Christmas time, so be sure to use peppermints and red and green Kisses on your cake.

Choose fun and festive solid color tableware in an assortment of Christmas colors - red napkins, green plates, silver cups, etc. The more the better!

Get the Kids Involved: The kids can definitely help create your candy cake, or let them decorate a gingerbread house for a perfect and personal centerpiece.

Candy necklaces or bracelets make adorably festive napkin rings to bring flatware and other table decorations together. Be sure to place a candy bar wrapped in a Candyland theme candy bar wrapper at each place.
For a more casual look, set up tables with different kinds of miniature candies such as Hershey Kisses, individually wrapped peppermints, wrapped chocolates, etc. all over each table. Center a few baskets full of goodies throughout each table so that the guests can munch on sweets all through the evening.
For dessert, have a "candy bar". I don't mean an actual bar of chocolate, but a large table filled with bags, jars and bowls and absolute mountains of all kinds of candy. Let everyone fill a small bag full of candy from this table. Eat some candy for dessert and take the rest home for a favor!

Christmas Candyland Games and Activities
Play Candyland! Set up a few of the games and let people play throughout the evening.

Another fun game is Name that Candy. It will help break the ice by throwing people together for some healthy competition. For this game, you will need to split all of your guests into two teams. Give a numbered piece of paper to each team. Across from each number is a "candy clue." For example, the clue for number one could be "mean laughs." The candy that matches this clue is "Snickers." The clue for number 2 could be, "Lip smackers," and the candy that matches this could be "(Hershey) Kisses." The clue for number 3 could be "Cow's that can't lactate," and the candy that matches it could be "Milk Duds." I think you get the idea. The team who matches the most "candy clues" to the correct candy wins a prize. I'll give you a hint about what the prize should be: It's sweet, and sometimes has fruity or cocoa flavoring…

1. Mean laughs
2. Lip Smackers
3. Cows that can't lactate
4. Slippery digit
5. A pooch's enemy
6. Halfway to 10th Street
7. Happy nuts
8. What you get when you
make mountains out of molehills?
9. Flexible cubs
10. Opposite of Dum Dum
1. Snickers
2. Kisses
3. Milk Duds
4. Butterfinger
5. Kit Kat
6. 5th Avenue
7. Almond Joy
8. Mounds
9. Gummi Bears
10. Smarties
Candyland Candy Favors
Your guests will be going home with their bags of candy filled up at the candy bar, but why not give them one more treat as they walk out the door.

Here are a few fun favors for the kids:
  • Giant candy canes - you can get these all over the place at holiday time.
  • The Candyland board game - if you're having a small crowd, give out the game as a great Christmas present.
Merry Christmas! Have a fabulously sweet Christmas, from all of the Sweethearts at!