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candy cane cupcake toppers
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Candy Cane Theme Party

Bring the sparkle and freshness of winter indoors with a Christmas Candy Cane Party. Everyone will love a candy cane theme for a holiday party.

Candy Cane Invitations
Your guests’ sweet tooth will be tingling the minute they open the invitation to your party. Send a candy cane attached to a traditional invitation or print the party information on a label and attach it directly to the candy cane (be sure to mail it in a bubble wrap so it doesn’t break.)

Or attach your candy cane to a personalized candy cane theme invitation from These personalized holiday party invitations are easy. They’re fun. They’re different.

Get the Kids Involved: If it’s a party for guests of all ages, have the kids cut out and decorate candy canes. Write the party information on the back with a glitter pen in silver or gold. Or print out pictures of candy cane outlines and let them color in the pictures.

Decorations and Party Supplies
Your guest will know something special awaits them as soon as they see the candy cane cutouts lining your front walk. Day or night these candy canes provide a warm welcome.
Welcome guests with a candy cane theme personalized banner. Why not get in the holiday spirit and dress up in a candy cane costume?
Your guests will love seeing bunches of red and white balloons with great, huge candy cane Mylar balloons decorating the room. I would use candy cane centerpieces as balloon weights.

The whole room will feel like a peppermint forest with candy cane stickers on your wall. These great stickers can be used year after year and they won’t damage your walls.
Use small Christmas trees (and some full size ones too!) decorated with lots of candy canes and peppermints to decorate the party. You can find a wonderful assortment of colors, so have some of the smaller trees decorated with brightly colored candy canes. I'd save the traditional red and white ones for your big tree. And, your tree lights should also be a mix of red and white too. What fun! Set some peppermint candy cutouts and presents wrapped in red and white around the base of the tree.
Candy Cane Party Table Decorations and Menu
It doesn’t matter if you’re having an Open House or full dinner, you can carry your candy cane theme through it all. Set your tables with red tablecovers and a mix of red and white paper goods.

Use a few candy cane centerpieces on the table. They are small, so use a few mixed together. Be sure to scatter candy canes or small peppermint candies on the table for extra color and fun.

Dinner can be red, white and easy too. How about pasta with a choice of red (marinara or meat) or white (alfredo) sauce? Chili is great for a main meal or served in small dishes as an appetizer. Add delicious bread and a green salad and your meal has all the colors of the holidays. Candy cane shaped sugar cookies, chocolate peppermint brownies or hot fudge sundaes (use vanilla or peppermint ice cream) sprinkled with candy cane pieces are the perfect ending to a delicious meal. And remember, if it’s cold serve peppermint hot chocolate, peppermint tea or hot coffee with a squirt of peppermint syrup.

Christmas Party Activities
Games, crafts, photographs will all help make this sweet event even more special. Challenge your guests with a Holiday Trivia Contest. Write holiday questions on cut-out candy canes and tape them around the room. (Can anyone really name all 8 of Santa’s reindeer?) Pass out white paper and red pens and see who can answer the most questions. The prize for winning – a giant candy cane of course!
If your crowd is younger, have them decorate poster board candy canes with markers and glitter. Display them on a Christmas tree so everyone can admire the artists’ work. Have fun and create memories of your party all at the same time.
Consider a holiday life-sized cutout as Santa, Mrs. Claus or even a snowman!  If you want your guests to take turns consider our holiday photo ops.
Or play a fun Christmas party game! Here are a few fun ones - 
Candy Cane Hook and Carry Race
Start with a candy cane in your mouth (hook on the outside). You need to hook as many candy canes from a larger pile of candy canes on a table. Then you need to transport the hooked candy cane across the room and shake it loose into a bucket or basket (dropped canes do not count!) Set a time limit and have people race. Most canes win!
Wrap Race
Gather boxes and objects of different sizes and shapes, two of each. For this race competition, two players go against each other wrapping similar objects for each round.
You can choose to have 1 round for two opponents or best of three matches. Fastest wins!
For more party games, check out Party411’s Christmas Games.
Candy Cane Party Favors
Have your guest leave the party with wonderful memories and a special treat!
 I think having a candy buffet at a Christmas party makes for a great activity, a great favor and a great decoration – really a perfect touch that you and your guests will all love. Here are the 4 things you need to have to do it right.
  • Containers to display your candy. Choose interesting glass vases or large jars. Look around for interesting shapes. Mix them up or keep them all the same for a unified look. Make sure the opening is big enough for your hand or scoopers!
  • Scoops. Fun metal scoops are great for a candy buffet. You can get these online or at a restaurant supply store. You can always use spoons or let people use their hands (for wrapped candy only!) of course.
  • Bags. You’ll want bags or other fun containers for your guests to use to keep their candy.
  • CANDY! Of course you need to get an assortment of candy for your display. Go with a red and white theme. Here are some ideas:
    • Candy canes - of course! get the mini ones
    • Cherry Gummy Bears
    • Peppermints
    • Marshmallows dusted in red sugar
    • Twizzlers
    • Swedish fish
    • White chocolate covered pretzels
    • Red/White rock candy
    • White chocolate covered strawberries
Or a personalized candy cane mint tin filled with mints and a message from you thanking everyone for attending.

But for a truly delicious party favor, try a personalized Christmas candy bar wrapper surrounding a milk chocolate or dark chocolate candy bar.

Sweet holiday greetings will help everyone remember your party long after it’s over.