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Corporate Fabulous Fifties Party

Rock the night away! Perfect for an employee appreciation party, a customer thank you party or a holiday bash. This party ties together 50’s ambiance with a rock-n-roll attitude.
fabulous fifties Invitations
The fun begins as soon as your invitations are mailed!  Choose a fun fifties theme invitation and make sure it's sent 6-8 weeks in advance of your party.  If you're having a costume party, be sure to let people know to come dressed in their fifties finest!
We can't say enough good things about our one of a kind custom caricature invitations.  Imagine a caricature of your boss dressed in fifties gear and doing the twist!  Add some fun wording and this is an invitation that won't be topped!
fabulous fifties theme decorations
If you want to really wow your guests, green them with the classic style of vintage T-Birds, Mustangs, Bel Airs, and Impalas. Park them near the front door with footlights lining the entrance way.
It wouldn’t be a 50’s rock n’ roll party without Elvis! Have the boss dress up as Elvis (trust us, everyone will love it!) and have any staff working the event wear Poodle Skirts or Letter Jackets. Another great option is a lifesize Elvis cutout of the boss dressed as Elvis or choose a poodle skirt or a greaser cutout.
Add a touch of Hollywood and hire photographers to take pictures of employees as they arrive. A few body guards or policeman can act as if they are holding back the crowds. Then have a sign welcoming everyone to the party decorate it with records and checkers. It can read something like this: Welcome to Company/Organization XYZ’s 50’s Rock Night At the registration area hand out seating cards that look like records. The label can read the name of the person and table name with the title “Company/Organization XYZ’s 50’s Rock Night.”
During cocktails, models wearing "Celebrity Heads" can stroll through the crowd. (Note: Celebrity Heads is a firm with national distribution that has created larger-than-life, top quality replicas of just about any famous person you can think of. They run $250 and up, but are well worth it.) Set up a photo opportunity so that your guests can have their photo taken with the celebrity you have provided.
Set up large screen or a video wall showing black and white sitcoms, old movies, commercials or news clips from the 50’s.  It's just one more touch that will make this party.
fifties theme table decorations
Use 50’s model cars as the bases for your centerpieces and add balloon clusters for with Mylar jukeboxes! (Here's a great assortment of 50s theme balloons.) Make the tabletops rock with checkered tablecloths. Then place chocolate notes around the base of the centerpieces with votive candles shaped like musical notes. 
The soda shop and carhop was a quintessential place to hang out. A 50’s rock n’ roll party isn’t complete without one. Set up a milkshake and soda shop. Serve hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries, milkshakes, malts and root beer floats.
Here are some fun additional touches for the tables:
  • Make table cards out of cardstock designed with records and classic cars.
  • Name each table after a popular 50’s rock star, Elvis, Patti Page, Frankie Laine, Nat King Cole, and Eddie Fisher.
  • Provide each table with a quiz on each artist for them to answer; the table with the most correct answers wins a prize.
Fifties party games and entertainment
Host a sock hop and hire the best 50’s band in town, a local DJ works too. Elvis impersonators can perform a whole show if that is within the organization’s budget. If the company or organization is honoring special employees, take the time to do so before the dancing begins. You may even want Elvis or Marilyn to do the honors. Check out our music games for added 50’s Rock N’ Roll fun.
Rock n Roll Party Favors
What else? Glow jewelry for all. Adorned in glow earrings, necklaces, glasses and bracelets, your guests will light up the night. Everyone loves this stuff! As a special thank-you, give your guests a 50’s "goodie bag" when they leave. Included in it should be Cheese Whiz, Chef-Boy-Ar-Dee Pizza mix, a chocolate jukebox, a packet of saltines, and a personalized candy bar!