Corporate Casino Theme Party

A casino party is perfect for a corporate event as a client appreciation event or as a holiday party. Celebrate Monaco-style with a black tie party for employees and guests. Or consider a more casual casino theme.  Either way, your guests will all love a casino theme party.
Casino Invitation
Send a personalized casino invitation to get everyone excited about the event. Add in some personalized money in your invitations for guests to spend in the casino. Include your company’s logo, attire (Especially if it’s black tie—so people don’t come in jeans!), some of the events details (unless it’s a secret), and all of the other necessary invitation requirements.
Personalized ticket invitations are always a hit! You can even add on lanyards so your guests can wear them to the party.
Our favorite invitation is a custom caricature invitation.  They are one of a kind and truly can't be topped by any traditional invitation.
Casino Decorations and Party Supplies
Dazzle guests to red carpet treatment, just like in Monaco. Set up a large tent and red carpet at the entryway. Line the red carpet with large flower bouquets in pretty urns, spotlights and a few photographers to take photos as your guests enter. So glamorous!
Place a personalized banner at the entryway that says, “Welcome to XYZ Company’s Casino Capers.”  
For the inside entry, start with Vegas showgirls, found through any well-known local modeling agency. Have them greet guests and lead them to the tables. You can also make XYZ Company Casino Capers News equipped with the night’s events, company news, how to win and what prizes are available.
Decorate the registration area with a silver, red, and black balloon archway. Flank the area with palm trees and flowers for a Grande Casino look. For an even cooler look, try a casino card archway to welcome your guests. If you are having a sit down dinner, you’ll want to include seating cards. Make the seating cards match the invitations. If you would like, make each table a different famous casino like the Monte Carlo-Monaco, MGM Grande, Bellagio, Caesar's Palace, etc.
In the casino area decorate with dramatically lit signs above each of the casino games. Add signs for the “XYZ Company Capers Casino Lounge” for the bar and hors d’oeuvres, and "XYZ Company Capers Casino Restaurant" for the buffet and other refreshments.
A Casino Party is not complete without cold, hard cash! Hand out packets of personalized money of as your guests arrive. We can create custom play money with your company logo or the picture of the guest of honor, too! If your Casino Party is a fund-raiser, after your guests go bust, they can purchase additional "money" and continue playing. At the end of the evening guests can participate in an auction with their winnings.

Casino Table Decorations

For centerpieces, make a stand up sign out of foam core or heavy duty card stock that says, “XYZ Company Casino Capers, Roll the Dice and Win” with the company logo and playing card graphics. A fun idea is to get creative and make centerpieces using glass vases and playing cards. Fill each glass vase with playing cards and have red and black balloon bouquets coming out of each.
Or for another option, order a king or queen centerpiece, which can be customized with your logo andor your CEO's face! Then, have red and black balloon bouquets coming out of the center.
Dress the tables with black skirts and linens and silver table toppers. Then, decorate the tables with silver confetti. If the company is taking cash donations for a particular charity, include a card at each place setting that tells everyone about the charity. Also, include a form asking everyone to donate the amount of his/her “winnings” to charity.
Casino Party Games and Prizes
We suggest hiring an entertainment company to supply you with all of the casino games you will need. Blackjack, roulette, craps tables and a few slot machines can be provided and they even come with dealers.
Use personalized money as raffle tickets. Have your guests print their name and phone number on the back, and place their winnings in the raffle box representing the prize of their choice. (Guests can put all of their dollars in one box, or they can distribute them among 10 raffle boxes representing 10 prizes).
Make sure to decorate the raffle boxes to complement the décor. Make your prizes a mix of gag gifts all the way up to a real luxury gift, as high as your budget can afford.
The real entertainment is all of the games, but not everyone enjoys gambling. So, you may want to consider some other form of entertainment. Consider having a band or DJ for dancing. Also, you’ll want to take time out to have the CEO, president or other executives make a few announcements and thanking everyone for coming. A good time is before dinner after the first course, if it’s a sit down dinner.
Check out our Casino Party Games for more ideas.
Casino Party Favors
The best party favor of all is chocolate, especially for this type of party. At the end of the party, hand out personalized candy bars with the company’s logo and a thank you from the boss. Give out special gifts like engraved key rings, business card holders, or frame to each of the guests.

Have a great time at your Casino event!