1st Birthday Little Prince Birthday Party. Decorations and party supplies will turn your venue into a gorgeous fantasy. Party supplies and free party ideas fit for a prince.

Lil' Prince 1st Birthday Party

A first birthday is a once in a lifetime experience and a special milestone for you as a parent. We know your child is a true prince, so celebrate him with a 1st birthday party with a prince theme complete with princely decorations and party favors!

1st Birthday Prince Invitations
Start with fun fill in the blank prince theme invitations. Just fill out the details and you're all set. There are even matching thank you notes that you'll want to get for after the party. Send out your invitations 4-6 weeks in advance of your party. That will give everyone time to get it on their calendars and to get even more excited about the party. Let your guests know to dress like princes and princesses.

Or, how about inviting your guests to go on a trip to a magic kingdom with a light blue boarding pass invitation?

1st Birthday Prince Party Supplies and Birthday Decorations
Start by hanging a lil' prince 1st birthday party banner in the entry area or just over the cake in the center of the party. String blue crepe paper around the room.

Once inside the party, set up a fun dress up area for the kids. Hand out prince cone hats for all the boys. Here are some other fun dress up items that are perfect for this party for all the boys and girls:
Set out a blue prince throne for a great photo op of all the kids. It will also make a great birthday present for your prince after his big day. If you'd like there is a pink princess throne as well, for photos of all of the girls at the party.

Balloon bouquets are great fun and work perfectly for such a fun party. Mix lil' prince 1st birthday Mylar balloons with an assortment of brightly colored royal blue #1 balloons and light blue balloons to create balloon bouquets for around the room. (Don't forget the helium!) Add more color and decor to your party space with prince wall decals, including a giant prince crown and star decals.

1st Birthday Prince Birthday Table
There are great prince party supplies to help get your party started from plates and napkins to cups and tablecovers. You can get prince party packages or get the items a la carte. They are really too cute to pass up!

At each place set out a princess sippy cup or a prince sippy cup. They can be filled with juice boxes stored on ice in a inflatable treasure chest, which we think is too cute. You may want to label all of the cups so everyone gets one and so they don't get mixed up during the party. (They also make a great party favor with a bag of treats - anything from Cheerios to toddler friendly candy - placed inside of the cup.

A prince crown piñata makes a great centerpiece for your prince's birthday party. Tie balloons off the top of the piñata or just have it sitting in the center of the table. It can be surrounded by piñata filler and candy and boys 1st birthday mints for another special treat for the kids.

The cake for your birthday can be in the shape or a castle or a crown. Check with your local bakery for a fun prince theme cake. Add "birthday boy" pick candles to the top of the cake.

Set a special seat for your little prince with a 1st birthday high chair decorating set. He can wear a 1st birthday prince crown and a prince bib! Be prepared with your camera to take lots of pictures! And, also be prepared for this area to get very messy with birthday cake!
1st Birthday Princess Party Games and Activities
The prince crown piñata you are using for a centerpiece is obviously always fun for an activity as well. Take turns swinging at several piñatas filled with candy! Divide the party into teams and have the teams compete to be the first to bust their piñata and retrieve the candy.

A fun arts and crafts activity for any toddlers and older kids is  to decorate and play in a coloring castle.

Here are some other fun Kids Birthday Party Games that the kids can play at the party.

1st Birthday Prince Party Favors
Send the kids home from your party with party favors that will make them remember their royal day. A personalized birthday mint tin is a sweet treat.

We also love these ideas for favors for a prince theme party that can be put in clouds theme empty favor boxes:
Have fun! We're sure you'll have a royal good time at your prince's first birthday party!