Super Bowl Mardi Gras Custom Invitations and Favor

Turn your Super Bowl party into a stroll down Bourbon Street with Mardi Gras Super Bowl Invitations and Party Favors. Mix up some Hurricane drinks, serve beignets and toss beads at the screen when the ref makes a bad call! Perfect invites and favors for a Mardi Gras theme Super Bowl party.

Mardi Gras Super Bowl Cutout

Jesters and football. It has to be fun.

Price $87.95

Mardi Gras Super Bowl Invitation

Beer, beads and a bowl game. I'm in!

Price $1.85

Mardi Gras Super Bowl Theme Beer Bottle Label

This beer bottle label is great for your Mardi Gras Celebration

Price $1.75

Mardi Gras Super Bowl Theme Candy Bar Wrapper

For a super mardi gras celebration!

Price $1.35

Mardi Gras Super Bowl Ticket Invitation

Invite everyone for a Mardi Gras theme Super Bowl bash

Price $1.85

Mardi Gras Super Bowl Water Bottle Label

Wrap your water bottles with this great Mardi Gras Super Bowl label!

Price $1.20

Mardi Gras Theme Super Bowl Banner

A Mardi Gras theme banner is great for a Super Bowl or football party

Price $24.99

Plastic Jeweled Crown

Crown a king for Mardi Gras!

Price $6.99

Crawfish/Lobster Party Beads (12)

An easy party wearable. Just pass out!

Price $5.99

Football Foil Balloon

Football balloon bouquets make a great themed decoration.

Price $3.99

Lavender Crepe Paper

Lavender Crepe Paper

Price $0.99

Football Party Tray

Perfect for all your favorite football finger foods.

Price $2.99

Red Football Challenge Flag

Throw a flag on any bad calls!

Price $2.99

Football Field Tablecover

Spread out your Super Bowl smorgasbord on the field!

Price $3.99

Football Swirl Decorations (12)

Check out these fun football decorations in blue, green, and gold!

Price $4.99

Football Bead Necklace (1)

Toss me the football beads!

Price $1.99

Football Ceiling Whirls (5)

An easy way to decorate your party space.

Price $5.99

Football Inflatable Cooler

Score with this on your buffet!

Price $22.99

Pin the Football Party Game

A fun football party game!

Price $2.99

Football Whistles (12)

Blow the whistle on the ref!

Price $5.99