Super Bowl Mardi Gras Custom Invitations and Favor

Turn your Super Bowl party into a stroll down Bourbon Street with Mardi Gras Super Bowl Invitations and Party Favors. Mix up some Hurricane drinks, serve beignets and toss beads at the screen when the ref makes a bad call! Perfect invites and favors for a Mardi Gras theme Super Bowl party.

Mardi Gras Super Bowl Cutout

Jesters and football. It has to be fun.

Price $87.95

Mardi Gras Super Bowl Invitation

Beer, beads and a bowl game. I'm in!

Price $1.85

Mardi Gras Super Bowl Theme Beer Bottle Label

This beer bottle label is great for your Mardi Gras Celebration

Price $1.75

Mardi Gras Super Bowl Theme Candy Bar Wrapper

For a super mardi gras celebration!

Price $1.35

Mardi Gras Super Bowl Ticket Invitation

Invite everyone for a Mardi Gras theme Super Bowl bash

Price $1.85

Mardi Gras Super Bowl Water Bottle Label

Wrap your water bottles with this great Mardi Gras Super Bowl label!

Price $1.20

Mardi Gras Theme Super Bowl Banner

A Mardi Gras theme banner is great for a Super Bowl or football party

Price $24.99

Plastic Jeweled Crown

Crown a king at your Mardi Gras party with this plastic jeweled crown.  Whether your king is the guest of honor or a lucky family or friend, every Mardi Gras theme party needs a king to rule over all.  Along with a crown, give your king a royal purple robe and scepter and ask them to make announcements and maybe run a few activities and party games.  In the end, your Mardi Gras king will be the star of the party!

  • Your order includes (1) plastic jeweled crown.
  • One size fits all - the crown has an adjustable headband so you can customize the size.
  • The plastic crown has six large jewels (colors vary).
Want everyone at your Mardi Gras party to feel like royalty?  Pass these plastic jeweled crowns out as favors to get everyone in the mood to party.

Price $6.99

Crawfish/Lobster Party Beads (12)

An easy party wearable. Just pass out!

Price $5.99

Football Foil Balloon

Football balloon bouquets make a great themed decoration.

Price $3.99

Lavender Crepe Paper

Lavender Crepe Paper

Price $0.99

Football Party Tray

Perfect for all your favorite football finger foods.

Price $2.99

Red Football Challenge Flag

Throw a flag on any bad calls!

Price $2.99

Football Field Tablecover

Spread out your Super Bowl smorgasbord on the field!

Price $3.99

Football Swirl Decorations (12)

Check out these fun football decorations in blue, green, and gold!

Price $4.99

Football Bead Necklace (1)

Toss me the football beads!

Price $1.99

Football Ceiling Whirls (5)

An easy way to decorate your party space.

Price $5.99

Football Inflatable Cooler

Score with this on your buffet!

Price $22.99

Pin the Football Party Game

A fun football party game!

Price $2.99

Football Whistles (12)

Blow the whistle on the ref!

Price $5.99