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Clinton Farewell Party
Happy Days "Were" Here Again

Mr. Clinton will be missed by many. Not all, of course, but many. Some people aren’t interested in celebrating the inauguration but want to host a farewell to the one who is soon to be called, by his own admission, Citizen Clinton. And, as usual, for the creative-impaired, the Party Girl and come to the rescue!

The Invitation:

We have an invitation all ready for you so you can print it (click here for a printable PDF (2.5MB), requires Acrobat Reader) and send it…or e-mail it to a friend. Even if you’re not having an actual party, you may want to have a "virtual" party in Mr. Clinton’s honor and invite your friends to sign the gift book is putting together to present to him from his many fans.


Two thoughts. One is to decorate with all black because you are in mourning. The other is that a stars and stripes theme is in order. After all, Mr. Clinton was Commander in Chief, a resident of the White House, a patriot and more. Since all black isn’t all that creative and little if any help is needed, I’ll go for the red, white and blue: flags, bunting, flag banners, flag pinwheels, balloons, streamers and all things American and patriotic.

Start with some flag pinwheels going down the drive leading to the front door. On the front door, hang a blow-up of the Presidential Seal with the words—"In Clinton We Trust" added to it.

When your guests enter, have red and blue stars as well as "party" animals—little donkeys that represent the Democratic Party (why? because a donkey is a legendarily stubborn animal, and his fans are hoping Mr. Clinton never gives up!)—hanging from the ceiling. Or stick the stars to windows and other flat surfaces.

For centerpieces on bars, buffets and tables, use flag-striped top hats, open end up with red, white and blue balloons bouquets coming out. Or stick some miniature American flags coming out of the top of the hat (saves on balloons). Don’t forget to throw some flag glitter confetti around the base—because frankly a party without confetti is like a White House without Bill!


What to serve? That’s easy. McDonald’s. We all know it was a favorite stop for Mr. Clinton so save yourself the big bucks and serve burgers and fries! In fact, many McDonald’s now have party rooms so you may want to consider hosting the party right then and there! Beats cleaning up.


Well, first of all, a good ol’ chorus of Happy Days Are Here Again (melody by Milton Ager, words by Jack Yellen, 1929) with the words altered just a bit would be great fun. Divide your friends into groups and let them compete with their own versions or get everyone together (you know, like a "We Are The World" type thing) and video tape it.

The Party Girl, that’s me, has just changed a word here and there for the benefit of Mr. Clinton—so here’s the new version. Remember that Happy Days Are Here Again played every time Mr. Clinton hit the campaign trail…so it is only fitting!

As well, I would make sure to have music at the party since we all know Mr. Clinton is a fan of jazz, rock and roll and more. You might even want to have a lip sync portion of the event where people can pretend to play the sax or belt out tunes. Songs that fit the bill (excuse the pun) are: So Long, Farewell from Sound of Music, Goodbye Cruel World by James Darren, Bye, Bye, Baby (Baby Goodbye) by the Four Seasons, Last Waltz by Engelbert Humperdinck and others. Don’t forget to play Donna Summer’s "Last Dance" at the end of the evening—it’s so appropriate. For more ideas, go to and search "goodbye," "Bill", "farewell" and other key words.

For an even better time, I would definitely get a life-size cut-out of Mr. Clinton so everyone can have one last dance! I did this once for a party and attached a cut-out to a coat-tree that I put on wheels. My friends had a blast dancing with the guest-of-honor. Think about it!


Well, if Bill were there himself, he’d probably pull out his sax and show off with some jazz greats. Or then again, he may go out for some golf and a jog. Since none of this makes for a great party, I suggest some Clinton Trivia or, better yet, how about a dart game? Buy one, and make Independent Counsel Ken Starr or Robert Ray the bullseye. That’s one activity Bill and other taxpayers might appreciate.


Inflatable saxophones, inflatable or foam hands (to wave goodbye), crying towels and other fun stuff will do.

What’s most important is that you host a fabulous send-off to someone many think was the most popular president in the last century!

Have Fun.
The Party Girl

See the Party411 Inaugural Balls


  • inflatable saxophones
  • inflatable and foam hands
  • Simply the Best Party Kit (say good-bye in style)
  • patriotic papergoods
  • black papergoods (for mourning)
  • patriotic wrist streamers


  • stars and stripes papergoods
  • party mascots—donkeys (very cute)
  • red and blue stars
  • flag banners
  • flag glitter confetti
  • flag-striped tophats
  • balloons
  • 3’ jointed Uncle Sam
  • flag window shades
  • miniature American flags


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