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This Thanksgiving be thankful you won't be voted



To Vote For the Person that Deserves the Distinction of Being Turkey of the Year 


Each year PEOPLE Magazine names the Sexiest Man of the Year, FORBES Magazine names the Richest Man of the Year and TIME Magazine names the Man of the Year-this year being no exception.

Well, if you're tired of hearing about all these good-lookers, do-gooders and money-makers, is inviting you to vote for
TURKEY of the Year--an honor that will be awarded on Thanksgiving Day, 2006.

Over the past year, has scoured headlines in search of potential candidates for the "2006 Turkey of the Year."  All nominees were selected based on their moral character, revolutionary ideals, intelligence and overall contribution to society --or lack thereof.  "Choosing the candidates was a real task," says Sherri Foxman, Founder and CEO of  "Every time we thought we had a complete list, someone else did something else that was turkey-fiable (like Kevin Federline and Rev. Ted Haggard)..."

So, NOW it's up to you.  Vote by clicking on your choice of "Turkey of the Year" or write in any candidate that you feel we may have missed.  Your vote is an automatic entry to win a life-size cut-out of your turkey choice or of whomever you wish (as a turkey or not)! 12 turkeys will be awarded! 

AMERICA VOTES...and your vote counts!



You can see all of our cutouts of you can order one of these celebrity turkeys or create your own special turkey of the year


For even more great Thanksgiving decorating ideas visit Thanksgiving Decorating411.


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