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Funky Holidays for March

(Sneak a peek at April)


In like a lion, out like a lamb. Sure! Like anyone can predict the March weather. One thing I can predict is that there are plenty of holidays this month (not to mention the Party Girl’s birthday) so put on your party hat and take a read.

There are loads of national things going on according to Chase's Calendar of Events—both nationally and internationally:

  • Humorists are Artists Month—recognizing important contributions made by funny people.
  • Ethics Awareness Month—something your divorce attorney probably celebrates, no?
  • National Professional Social Work Month—kiss your social worker and celebrate your relationship!
  • International Mirth Month—also called "The Merry Month of March" or so they say. I bet this was created to promote Humorists are Artists Month! For info, go to
  • National Frozen Food Month—something I celebrate 365 days a year.
  • National Craft Month—if you haven’t visited your local craft store, you should. You won’t believe what you’ll find there for your next party!
  • National Umbrella Month—"in honor of one of the most versatile and underrated inventions of the human race…" Go figure.

You can also volunteer for these great causes…


All of these organizations can use your help. Think about creating centerpieces for your next party that can be donated in honor of Mental Retardation Awareness Month to group homes for adults with special needs.

March 2

Texas Independence Day - a great day to have a western-themed square dance or barbeque with all the fixings!

March 3

I Want You To Be Happy Day - dedicated to "reminding people to be thoughtful of others…"

Premiere of Moonlighting - on this day in 1985. This was such a great show. Have a Moonlighting video festival and watch the repeats. David looked so good with hair!

March 9

Debut of Barbie - yes, on this day in 1959. Have a Barbie party. Your friends may get a kick out of it.

March 10

Invention of the Telephone - on this day in 1876, 125 years ago. Invite everyone over to play telephone. That game is always fun, whether you’re six of sixty!

March 16

Gumby Show Premiere - Wow! Gumby premiered on this day in 1957. That little kidder! Anyway, this is something to celebrate, but don’t forget to invite Pokey.

March 17

St. Patrick’s Day—luck ‘o the Irish to you. Check out our St. Patrick's Day guide.

March 22

International Day of the Seal - if you really want to celebrate this, you can attend the festival in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey. Otherwise, hold your own. Maybe your local aquarium will let you have it there!

March 23

Beat the Clock Premiere - if you’re too young to remember this show, check it out in reruns. It’s a great theme for a party. It premiered on this day in 1950.

Dick Clark Retires - on this day in 1989, Dick Clark retired as host of American Bandstand. He was 59. He still looks good, don’t he? Good theme for a party—sock hop!

March 24

Harry Houdini’s Birthday - Harry would have been 136 if he was alive today, but he blew it. Have a "magic" party. People love a magic theme!

March 27

Earth Hour - Everyone is turning off their lights for an hour at 8:30 local time.

March 28

Anniversary of the formation of  the “Greatest Show on Earth” - 1881 P.T. Barnum and James Bailey merged to form greatness, have a circus theme party for the kids!

Have a great March.


Holidays courtesy of Chase's Calendar of Events; published by Contemporary Books, Chicago, Ill.

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