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A Corporate Event Theme Party

Ideas, Invitations, Party Supplies, Games and More For Your Corporate Event

Electric Cactus Lights

Western Decorations and Party Supplies


BBQ invitation



Custom Cowboy Lifesize CutoutCustom Cowgirl Lifesize Cutout 

Western Life-Size Cutouts


Personalized Grilling Western Candy Bar Wrapper

Western Candy Bar Wrappers


Texas-Style Barbeque


Want to host an outdoor corporate party or event?  Get the gang ready for a down home Texas-Style Barbeque!  In Texas everything is BIG!  Go all out and make everything big, HUGE, and GIGANTIC and have a smokin’ good time!


Barbeque Party Invitations 


If your Texas Barbecue party is limited to employees you can use email or if you want to prove it will be something special try using pre-made invitations.


If you are inviting customers or vendors we recommend using a personalized Western invitation. Texas is in the great west after all.  Or if inspired (and you have the time), create an invitation with the graphics department to email out to all of your guests.  To go along with the theme, make invitations that look like the state of Texas, chuck wagon, or a BBQ Menu. It’s all about Texas!  If you chose the BBQ Menu option, make each menu item an invitation detail.  For example, BBQ Ribs should read as “BBQ Rib Time 6-10 PM” and Iced Tea “Iced Tea Place 2020 Golden Parkway, Midland TX” etc. 


Welcome Area, Western Style


Whatever the occasion, a company gathering, anniversary, sales meeting, or employee appreciation, make the entrance Texas BIG! 


As guests enter, serenade them to “The Yellow Rose of Texas.” Hire a cowboy or girl to do the serenading (or maybe use this Country Stars CD.  Can’t find a cowboy? I like these lawn balloons around the welcome table. Hand out yellow roses to all of the women or if they’re a fun bunch use a white cowboy hat with a rhinestone rim.   For cowpokes in the bunch offer bandanas or a black rhinestone cowboy hat.  But don’t let your date get too swooned by the cowboy or girl and run off like Bonnie and Clyde.


Place a large cut-out of the State of Texas with blinking lights around it announcing, “You are Here” with the name of the company written in the center.  Or use a Western style banner. If your party needs multiple signs Party411’s Creations for you can help. Just tell us what you need.


As an added attraction, each guest or couple can get a "Photo Favor" (a small framed photograph) standing next to the cut-out of the State of Texas.  Now that’s a Texas door prize!


Decorate the entrance with balloon bouquets and archways in Texas’ state colors.  Add in a cowgirl and cowboy photo-ops for additional fun. 


Barbecue Decorating


Balloons make everything look exciting.  We love balloons! Place balloons throughout the party and tie them with bandanas. Add in a 10-Foot Balloon Cowboy for guests to walk through the legs.  If it’s a family event, hand out individual balloons to all of the kids. 


This is a Texas-BBQ after all, so why not make it look like the high desert of Texas with a mural of the desert.  For a saloon look, use a Western door curtain  for the bathrooms or coat room.


Next, line the room with electric cactus lights and while your at maybe a few Western boot piñatas.


For the signage, make the signs in the shape of Texas.  The signs should read "Ten Gallon Hat Saloon" (bar area), “Steer Clear Buffet” (buffet), “The Red Hot Smoke House,” (barbecue), and “Scoot & Boot” (dance floor).  If you are using directional signs, have them point to Austin and other Texas attractions.  Don’t forget the Alamo!


Place Cards and Seating Cards

Personalized Western seating cards equipped with your company’s logo are perfect for a Texas-Style Barbeque.  You can also have them match the invitations!  Or, write the seating information on a postcard from Texas!


Western Theme Centerpieces

Cowboy boots filled with yellow flower bouquets or balloons make cute centerpieces.



Use denim colored table linens with bandanas as napkins or napkin rings. Scatter Western confetti on the tables.  Or, as napkin rings use blinking Western beads. Now that’s a Western table worthy of a hoedown!




A Texas-style barbecue is nothing without barbeque made the Texas way.  Hire a caterer that can provide a chuck wagon and or smoker for the party. Park it out side and feed everyone some good old-fashioned barbeque grub.  If this is not possible, make sure you have pulled pork, barbeque chicken, beef, and ribs along with corn bread, coleslaw, and potato salad.  Serve sweet iced tea and lemonade for a real treat.


Barbecue Party Favors


Give employees personalized candy bars with complete Western glory and a personal message from the President or CEO.  Another option is to have the company make a special barbeque sauce just for the occasion to hand out to all of the employees.  There are companies who can provide services to make and bottle barbeque sauce.  A quick Google search will help you find just the right fit.  The sauce can be called “Company/Organization Secret Hot Sauce” with a message saying “Thank you for making us kick pork butt!”  If you want to go a simpler route, use standard hot sauce and make labels for each of the bottles.


We love a personalized favor.  Try a personalized cowboy boot mug or a personalized cactus shape pen!


For other fun Western party favors check out the light-up tiara cowboy hats, flashing cowboy hat, foam cowboy hat or Western vest.




Line dancing, square dancing, riding a bull, trick roping, oh my, these are things a party girl like myself loves and its blast to line dance, especially when your not in line!  Play some music and do the Texas Two Step and hire a square dance caller to do-si-do your partner round and round. 


What’s a Texas-style barbeque without some Texas country music, like Tommy Alverson, Black Top Gypsy, or Blame it on Texas.  Play it loud to get everyone in the mood to kick it!


If the gang is into games, check out some of these Western party games.


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Have fun from the Party Girl and Party411!





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