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Salsa Night


Add Latin flavor to this year’s company event with a Salsa Night.  Salsa the night away under a canopy of palm trees and tropical flowers with this Latin inspired corporate event.  Cha-Cha Cha!


Salsa Party Invitations


Start the dancing early with fun Salsa invitations!  Design invitations with graphics of flowers, salsa and flamenco dancers, and maybe attach a silk tropical flower to each invitation.  Invite everyone to “XYZ Company/Organization’s Salsa Night” and have everyone dress for the occasion in Flamenco and Salsa dancer costumes


For an easier approach, use one of our personalized Fiesta invitations or one of these Cabana Rio invitations are perfect for a Salsa Night. 


Get even more Salsa-licious with a musical invitation that plays Salsa music.  Make an online interactive invitation with Salsa, Flamenco dancers and a tropical scene.  Then the exciting part is having the invitation play Salsa music when employees open the invitation.  They’ll be dancing at their desks! 




Greet guests with a Latin American paradise.  Line the entrance with palm trees, which you can rent at Tropical Plant companies and some Birds of Paradise (large Blue and Orange Flowers that look like birds), other tropical plants, and luminaries lining the pathway. 


Then, create a fabulous balloon arch (in tropical colors of red, yellow, green, fuchsia, blue) so your guests can sashay in under this entryway. Have a welcome sign greeting everyone to “XYZ's Company/Organization’s Salsa Night!


If the facility (club, hotel, etc.) has enough room, have another balloon arch made creating an entry to the food area with a sign over the door, "Mambo Cabana Café".


At the registration table have seating cards designed to match the invitations and attach neon folding fans for the hot Salsa Nights.


You should, of course, have a custom lifesize cutout of the boss dressed as a Mariachi Man or Woman or a Flamenco Dancer!


Salsa Party Decorations


Make the Salsa Night feel like your employees have walked into a Cabana in Costa Rica or the Dominican Republic. For more Salsa Night party supplies, visit Fiesta Decorating411.


Cabana Café

Decorate your Café with palm trees, place strings of lights on existing plants/trees, and have balloon clusters in tropical colors. You can also use coconut luminaries to surround the bases of the plants and trees. If the setting for this party has a pool area, have floating candles in the pool for a stunning visual effect.


Make signs for the "Salsa Saloon", the bar area. Use shells to serve the bar munchies. Of course, serve salsa and chips. Have tropical balloons displayed throughout the area.



A simple Sombrero on the table with balloons added is a bright and fun centerpiece.  You can fill the sombrero with tortilla chips for your guests to snack on during the evening.  Wrap the napkins in blinking fiesta beads, another great favor. Also, strew chocolate cigars around the tables. 

Dance Floor

Set up an area large enough for at least half of your guests to dance at one time.  Make sure there is enough room for the band or DJ.  A band is more appropriate for this kind of party.  Check your local listings for a Latin musical group.  Have the band/DJ area festooned with clusters of tropical flower balloons and palm trees. Line the ceiling of the dance floor with lots of lights and attach some vines with fresh flowers. 


For added fun, place photo-ops of flamenco and mariachi dancers near the dance floor.




Feature Latin music for everyone's dancing pleasure and, to make sure everyone gets on the dance floor, hire someone who can teach mambos, sambas, and tangos to the party guests. The instructors can also perform these numbers for added entertainment.


Have a flamenco dancer or mariachi photo op available for great photo favors!




Carry the Salsa Night theme to your favors! Hand out Cuban cigars and coffee to all of your guests.  Depending on your budget, give out gift certificates for people to take salsa dance lessons or for a night out at a local Salsa club. 


Serve drinks in personalized margarita glasses, which become a great favor.  


Have fun, from the Party Girl and the Party-ettes!


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