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A Corporate Event Theme Party

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It's A Jungle Out There

At the next motivational or sales meeting host a jungle party. After all, it is a jungle out there!




Send guests invitations that are jungle inspired. Think lots of trees, monkeys, condors, and safari hats, maybe a parrot or two. Make the invitations bright and colorful just like the Amazon. Depending on how many people you are inviting, it always helps to send a “save the date” card first and then follow up with a more formal invite delivered by someone in a gorilla costume.


Write on the invitation: “You are invited to XYZ Company/Organization’s Jungle Party, Learn how to make your sales soar like a condor on May 1, 2xxx from 10am to 5pm, at the Jungle 2020 Smith Boulevard, City, State.”


Welcome Area


It’s a jungle out there! Set the welcome area up jungle style with a jungle kit, lots of palm trees, and some animal cut-outs. Ask someone to dress up in a gorilla costume, and someone as an adventurers to greet guests as they enter.


Guests can walk through a snake pit entrance that leads them through the front doors.  You may want to add one of the snake standees around the room.


Hang a banner saying:


A (Your Company Name) Adventure


As people enter the building or placed right outside the meeting room doors; a display of a large Tarzan and Jane dressed, as usual, in their jungle apparel, but:

  • Holding a cellular phone

  • Holding newspapers under their arms

  • Holding a briefcase with the company logo

As the group enters the room, they walk through a jungle scene just inside the door (which can be moved to the walls after the meeting begins). This scene can incorporate your top executives dressed as Tarzan-types, swinging from department to department (just get a picture of each of their faces). If you don't want to use your execs, you may want to use Dilbert or something else your guests can relate to.


Jungle Theme Decorations


To enhance the room, rent real palm trees and ferns from a local prop company or use fake palm trees. Coming out of the base of these palms (or another base) can be signs to incorporate the theme as it relates to your message. For example:

  • "This way to Cheetah's Shipping Seminar"

  • "This way to 'You Tarzan, Me Jane' Customer Service"

  • "This way to Pauly Parrot's Telemarketing Techniques"

  • "This way to Jungle Larry's Quality Control"

Use safari decorations such as animal cutouts (hang the monkeys from the ceiling!) or animal print balloons.


Hang vines and ivy from the ceiling and have cut-outs of jungle monkeys hanging on by one hand to the vines/ivy. Behind the speaker's platform another jungle scene can be built. To the left of this area, create a set with a giant gorilla eating bananas, behind bamboo poles, making a "cage" effect. Have a sign next to this set… You may go ape over this meeting But you won't go "BANANAS" if you listen and take notes!



For centerpieces use baskets filled with fresh fruit, go tropical with pineapples, bananas, mangoes, papaya and maybe a few star fruit. Attach to the baskets, balloons, if that feels appropriate. Or use palm tree centerpieces palm tree centerpieces with a table card that thanks everyone for coming.



Provide guests with a note pad for them to take notes. This is a meeting after all. Cover the tables with bamboo paper bamboo paper . If you plan on serving snacks and lunch, serve them on colorful plates and napkins. Give everyone a note pad and have a banana shaped pen at each place for taking notes.




Host a speaker or motivational speaker to get everyone excited. Another option is to have a series of appropriate workshops. Incorporate fun at a lunch brake with the movie Tarzan or set up a few Playstations, Xboxes, or Nintendo’s Wii for guests to battle it out with the new George of the Jungle game or another video game. Give out a grand prize to the winner.




Personalized candy bars with the words “It’s a Jungle Out There,” the company’s logo, and a monkey is a great favor. Or give out everyone one of the New York Times Business Best Sellers. Better yet, why not combine the candy bar and book and make it a package.  Put your favors in animal print bags - so fun!


A photo favor is always great.  We love the Tarzan and Jane photo op and your employees will too!


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