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Millennium Pajama Party!

There’s nothing like sitting around in your flannel pajamas and your favorite slippers, sipping hot chocolate, eating popcorn (that somehow didn’t get strung on the Christmas tree) and sharing stories with family and friends to ring in the New Year! Thus, the Party Girl suggests that you invite everyone over for a pajama party of sorts—an all-night celebration of the turn of the century! This is especially fun for your friends with children—no babysitters, no extra expense!

Invitation Ideas:

We have several suggestions, but first, here are some "dos and don'ts."

  1. Don’t forget to invite your guests’ favorite night time companions if they have one. (Tell the truth…who can sleep without their worn and weary teddy bear or favorite "blankie?")
  2. If you intend to have people stay over (and that’s up to you), make sure you start late enough that they aren’t bored by 10 p.m.
  3. If you don’t intend to have people stay, or if it’s an "either-way" event, be sure to make that clear. You may lose some people if they feel they have to stay all night (especially those who have 4-legged friends at home).

As far as the invitation goes, you can buy invitations at your local party store (yes, they have pajama party invites) and customize it for your needs; you can make your own invitation or you can be truly creative with one of these ideas…

Slipper Socks Invitations: Really fun slipper socks can be found at your local discount house and are really inexpensive. Do a fun flier on your computer and stuff it in only one sock of each pair. Then invite your guest(s) to come and pick up the other. Ask them to wear PJs that match the socks or to dress creatively. Mail it or drop it off—whatever works for you.

Family Photo Invites: Dress your family up in their pajama best and take a Polaroid picture. Make a frame using construction paper or buy a pre-made frame at your local camera store. Better yet, for those of you who are technologically inclined, use a digital camera, and send the picture with an invitation by e-mail to your intended guests. Consider visiting for online invitations as well.

Decoration Ideas/Outside:

If your neighbors won’t get too upset, set up a clothes line in your front yard with sheets, pajama tops, bottoms, pillow cases and more blowing in the wind. Your guests will immediately know where the pajama party is being held, and they’ll have a good laugh to boot!

Decoration Ideas/Inside:

If you have a Christmas tree, why not hang a toothbrush and toothpaste for each and every guest as an ornament in celebration of the party? I’m sure you can fit them in, and it will be fun for your family to redecorate that tree!

Fun signs that you can make on your computer in the bathrooms and other places can say things like: WASH BEHIND YOUR EARS, BRUSH YOUR TEETH, DID YOU FLOSS? and more!

Let the kids build forts out of blankets and sheets (a great activity). Ask friends who have blow-up mattresses, sleeping bags and cots to lend them for the occasion. They’ll be happy to, I’m sure.

As centerpieces and on the buffets, put Teddy Bear centerpieces (three little ones each, back-to-back) that can be distributed to the kids (and those needy adults) when it’s time for bed.

As far as decorations go, get a little inventive and cover tables and chairs with sheets and pillowcases. You can purchase holiday and winter sheets from just about anywhere (try Pottery Barn, The Company Store, Kmart, Bed Bath & Beyond or Target). Tie chair backs with big ribbons.

Spread confetti (the kind in your choice) across tables. Buy multiple packs of bubble gum and spread that around the room. Consider a special spot for children with bedtime story books.


Breakfast is your responsibility. As far as dinner is concerned, if I were you, I’d make it easy on yourself and have everyone bring an appetizer, covered dish or dessert. As well, I’d let everyone participate and make pizza, salad, bake and decorate cookies, cupcakes, etc. This can become one of your…


Of course, the proverbial bedtime stories are what you think of first when you think pajama party. And let’s not forget the good old "ghost story." If I told you the number of ghost stories I heard at pajama parties, you’d flip. So, that’s always fun. The usual charades, trivia contests and other games will work well, but you probably want to have some pillow fights—and you may even want to have a PJ fashion show. Why not?


What else but a "kit" filled with all the necessities: a mini-bar of soap, a small bottle of mouthwash, toothbrush, toothpaste, razor (for men only), a wash cloth (cheap cheap at your local discount house), sample shampoo and conditioner, etc. But make it fun… personalize them with tags; add some "Y2K" bug preventatives: bottle of water, candle, matches and sundial (just kidding). Kids love books or stuffed animals. Adults may enjoy the latest movies recently released on video or a $5 gift certificate from Blockbuster or the local video store, hot chocolate packets inside a winter-themed pair of mugs.

Have fun in flannel at your pajama party and don’t forget to keep the champagne chilling when the clock strikes 12! (Bubbles in the shape of champagne bottles and glasses are available from Party411 for children, too.

Sleep well!

The Party Girl and all your friends at

To order or get more information on any of the above products, email Party411 or call (877) 514-8411.

Millennium Family Fun Planning Guide

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