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An Evening of Candid Fun

This is a great fundraiser! It has every component that will allow your charity to raise funds while entertaining their guests to the ultimate. Everywhere they turn, there will be flashbulbs, camera lights and more!


YOU OUGHTA BE IN PICTURES is a fundraiser that includes the world's greatest photo opportunities (if you do it right!). Turning various portions of the room into different movie scenes where guests can step in and become part of the film on film makes this one interesting evening.

The evening should also include great food, a silent auction and perhaps a short live auction if your committee can come up with some "really" valuable items.


Go out to the community and ask drama clubs, theatre groups and others to assist in making props and scenes for some of the century's best remembered films, people and places. Nothing has to be too elaborate: a sign that says, "RICK'S CAFÉ;" a beach scene with words over top that say, "From Here to Eternity;" a backdrop of a fraternity house that says, "ANIMAL HOUSE!" Perhaps a set depicting the Garden of Eden or the Hollywood Walk of Fame would work, too. And, of course, a strong man where you put your face in or a bearded lady where your face fits just perfectly make for great pictures, too. Even easier, have places set up with costumes (boas, hats, masks, etc.) so people can camp it up for a photo to be entered in a "Most Candid Shot" contest!

At the same time, purchase life-size cut-outs of famous people like Marilyn, Elvis, Frankie, Marlon, David Letterman, Jay Leno and others to put around the room for quick photo opportunities. Guests will be able to picture themselves with the star of their choice!

Set up camera people at each set or star sighting! The more interesting and outrageous you make the sets, the more people will want their picture taken.

Hint: offer a variety of ticket prices so as many supporters as possible can enjoy this "picture perfect" evening. Some tickets may include the photo opportunities, other levels may have to pay for the pictures.


If your budget allows, try these ideas. As guests arrive, tape them coming in the door!

Have a screen in the room projecting guests arriving. And play it over and over throughout the evening.

Once guests enter the "studio" (a sign to this effect should be hung at entrance), fabulous photo opportunities await them. Name the studio after your charity…replace Warner Bros. or 20th Century Fox with your organization's name.

When guests arrive, the "Picture This" silent auction should be open and display a fabulous variety of one-of-a-kind items such as: a photo shoot with famous New York photographer, a collection of frames, local sittings, camera equipment/lessons and more. As well, whatever you can get donated should have a written description to go with the theme of the event. For example, if you get two tickets to the opera donated, write "PICTURE THIS: you and a friend at the opera on such and such a date to see …!"


The invitation should encourage guests to dress as they want to be pictured by friends and family and if you have some "eclectic" guests, they can and will become part of the decorations.

At the entrance, put up saw horses and a red carpet. Behind them, put cut-outs of reporters with cameras flashing-each with a speech bubble saying, "You oughta be in pictures!"

Once in the room, the sets become the décor. Centerpieces can be film reels and old cameras (check out a local camera store to see what's in the basement!)…

Fundraising Components:

  • Photo Opportunities - Charge for photos. Not a lot but enough to make a profit. Souvenir photos are always popular at charity events. Except this time, your guests will be able to choose from any number of celebrities, sets and humorous poses. If you don't want to nickel and dime your guests, consider selling tickets with a different number of photos included: $150 ticket includes 5 photos, $100 tickets includes 3, etc.
  • "Most Candid Shot" contest! - Set up an area where people pay to camp it up for a candid shot that is entered in a contest for 1) most interesting pose; 2) most unusual costume arrangement; 3) most original costume, etc. Have the pictures displayed and give out prizes to the winners.
  • Raffle - A raffle is always a good idea. Sell the tickets for a minimum, but sell a lot of them!! You'll need some volunteers that aren't shy, but, depending on the amount of people in the room, you may raise another $500-$1000.

Hint: Get a local merchant to underwrite the purchase or a camera store to donate. You'll sell tons of tickets, I promise.


For those that win the lottery or the "candid shot" contest, what else but a camera-after all - you oughta be in pictures!


This is a great event. Bulbs flashing, lights, camera and action. Good luck and raise loads of dough!

The Party Girl

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