Treasure Bay Table Setting Bay Table Setting
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Treat guests to a seaside meal with our Treasure Bay Table Setting. Items are sold separately below.

Fishnet Choose a white, yellow, or blue fishnet to accent your nautical party. 4’ x 23’.

Floral Sheeting Staple it to your float or display for a winning look. Rolls are 3’ wide. Available metallic colors: gold, silver, blue, purple, teal, green or red. Available vinyl colors: light blue, light green, orchid, dark green, dark blue, violet, red/white/blue, white, red, orange, yellow, black or brown.

Palm Tree Centerpiece 17" high palm tree centerpiece.

Black Plates Set your tables with our heavy-duty plastic tableware! Order plates and cups that are perfectly color matched, or mix and match different colors to create your own look.

Black Napkins Order Unimprinted Napkins to use for your next event. Choose from a huge variety of colors at checkout. Also choose beverage (10" x 10" when unfolded) or luncheon (13" x 13" when unfolded). Our napkins are sold in packages of 50.

Black Cutlery This throw-away plastic cutlery makes party clean-up a breeze!

Gold Metallic Streamer Create stunning ceilings that make your room look larger by draping 2" and 4" wide streamers from the ceiling's center to the room's sides. Our 1" and 2" streamers are also perfect for accenting tables and gifts! Choose from a variety of colors to add bright accents to tables, doorways, railing or even gifts. Available in 500 foot rolls of 1", 2" and 4" streamers.

Indigo Gossamer Our Indigo Gossamer is the ultimate material! The nonwoven, lightweight, and sheer gossamer makes fabulous decorating material and creates gorgeous ceilings, beautiful bows, sensational swags and more! Choose regular Indigo Gossamer or flame-retardant in a variety of sizes.
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