Casino Viva Las Vegas Kit Viva Las Vegas Kit
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Viva Las Vegas Arch 9' high x 8' wide lighted wire arch is accented with carboard playing cards that attach directly to it. Assembly required.

Viva Las Vegas Columns These freestanding cardboard columns are 8' high x 18" wide and are illuminated by a light fixture in the base of each. One column comes with a $5 Poker Chip Balloon and the other comes with a $100 Poker Chip Baloon. Assembly required.

Casino Nights Signs Set of three 1' 10" high x 3' 10" wide cardboard signs. Includes one imprinted with casino, one imprinted with night and a third imprinted with your school name.

A Night in Vegas Backdrop Freestanding black cardboard backdrop is 8' high x 32' long and accented with twinkle lights. Easy assembly.

Vegas Showgirl Silhouettes Set of two freestanding cardboard showgirl silhouettes. The 6'7" high x 3' 4" wide dancers include ostrich feather accents. Easy assembly.

Viva Las Vegas Roulette Wheel 2' 2" high x 3' 10" wide x 3' 9" deep. Assembly required.

Viva Las Vegas Personalized Sign freestanding 2' 3" high x 4' 10" wide cardboard sign is outlined in twinkle lights. Assembly required.

Not intended for outdoor use.

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